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A/B Testing

Marketing is both an art and a science. A/B testing (or split testing) helps you to statistically verify which creative ideas perform better.

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A good conversion rate optimization (CRO) practice is to test different elements and do this frequently to find your top contenders.

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What can you split the test into? loads of things:

Page slogan and call-to-action buttons or submission form placement Various landing page designs and layouts Seasonal promo offers and banners Pricing information Customer testimonials placement

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Many times, those small changes in page design or copy can lead to a double digit increase in conversion rates. Accounting software Sage saw a 30% traffic boost after changing the homepage layout, copy and CTA based on split test data. DepositPhoto, in turn, increased the account registration rate (CR) by 9.32% after testing a time-bound pop-up registration form.

Wrinkle? A/B testing software isn’t exactly affordable, with tools averaging $119 – $1,995 per month. Plus, you’ll need to integrate a third-party tool with your website analytics for proper attribution – and that can get messy.

Matomo saves you the trouble in both cases. The A/B testing tool is part of your cloud subscription and plays well with other features – goal tracking, heatmaps, historical visitor profiles and more.

You can run a split test with Matomo on its website or mobile app – and find out if version A, B, C or D is the top performer.

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