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So a new coaching client of mine has a weekly newsletter on useful tips for your money, and I loved his last newsletter so much that I had to steal it and share it with everyone here 🙂

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Rita has been a consumer advocate and personal finance journalist for the past 2 decades, and unlike some of us who get a little verbose with our (*ahem*) suggestions, she’s great at condensing them into bite-sized nuggets. .

Here are her latest 10 tips – hope some of them help!

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#1. See clothing, grills, and camping gear sales in October. Wait till November to buy TVs, iPhone 14s, laptops and electronics. Get ready for the Black Friday sale by taking a look at this article on the best laptops.

#2. Save up to 50 percent on groceries with FlashFoods, an app that connects surplus food from kirana stores directly to consumers. Meat, produce, and other perishable items are closer to their “best-by-date” and should be picked up on the same day. Some of the participating stores are Family Fair, BG, Meijer and Giant.

#3. Take a look at this article on how to reduce food waste and save money in the process.

#4. Beware of scams if you want to donate to the victims of Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico.

#5. Beware when the Fed raises interest rates, as it did recently, the rate increases on your credit card balance, not just on your new purchases. Check out the article on Seven Ways to Reduce Your Credit Card Debt.

#6. Check out Amazon Outlets. Items are overstock — Amazon bought a lot of them — discontinued items, or clearance items. You’ll see discounts on clothing, kitchenware, home decor, electronics and other categories.

#7. Tired of your wireless plan? Value Mobile virtual network operators or MVNOs, such as Boost Mobile, Consumer Cellular and Mint, are increasing satisfaction and saving money for consumers. MVNOs buy minutes from major mobile companies like T-Mobile and AT&T. However, MVNOs have fewer features.

[Editor’s note: I’ve been using an MVNO for over 8 years now  – Republic Wireless. Chopped down my cell bill by $100 every month adding up to over $10,000 now! From one simple move!]

#8. Check out these tips for finding holiday flight deals even with soaring ticket prices. Have to get a ticket to fly on a Monday, December 19th. Flights are usually about $120 less expensive that day.

#9. Budget sexy blogger J.J. Join Money, and see how many of these seven financial tips you can make from Mark Cuban. [Thx for the shout out!]

#10. When you take a friend or relative to live in a nursing home, read any papers carefully. Some facilities put illegal clauses in contracts saying that you will be on the hook for the bill. See the linked article for stories about a daughter and a friend’s troubles.


Rita R.  robison

Rita R. Robison is a consumer and personal finance journalist who has made a living for the past 20 years by finding the best deals, calling out crooks, and advocating for regular people like you and me. Subscribe to her weekly newsletter for small-sized financial tips, and receive a bonus free e-book on how to optimize your personal finance decisions. You can also find her on her blog, The Survive and Thrive Boomer’s Guide.

PS: I just signed up for his newsletter – something I rarely do! But how great are these?! It’s like getting all the financial secrets every week, be like…

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