11 Reasons I Bought A Cemetery Plot Even Though I’m Still Pretty Much Alive

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“Why did you buy the plot at such a young age?”

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“Don’t you feel weird knowing where you’re being buried?”

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“Will you send me a quote I can use in an upcoming article? I recently bought a plot too, but it bothered me a lot to know where I would go so I let my yard worker pick it up for me was!”


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These were questions (an old) journalist friend asked me recently, after finding out that I bought a lot last year at age 41 🙂

As hard as I tried to satisfy his desire to summarize all my reasons in one clean paragraph, I just couldn’t do it… Within seconds I had more than 5 reasons, and then a few more after me. Passes were more than 10! So instead I shot him the set below bullet points, which I’m turning into a blog post here in case it inspires some of you to take action, too.

When you read it, be sure to check out his article on it! -> Why did I ask my yard work helper to remove my grave? We both think about it wildly differently, but at the end of the day we accomplished the mission the same way.

Here are all the reasons why I bought so much at such a young age… let’s make this a trend!! ,

Emotional reason: I love graveyards! I 100% want to be buried in one so that people can always come and say hello to me whenever they remember me (and they remember me better!!) I 100% know *where* I want to be buried, And it’s incredibly hard to get a plot out there (people are just dying to move in!!! (sorry, had to)) I like to know other people in my family, maybe they’ll be buried there too (I decided to make this a “family” plot so that anyone can see my immediate family buried there if they wish – the only caveat is that you’ll have to perform the funeral (unlimited space on that route!)) This one Interesting *experience*. Nothing puts you to death more than choosing your own graveyard plot – it really puts things into perspective! It reminds me that I am grateful for the time I have left. Everyone around my plot is long gone, and reminds me that I’m still very much alive and that I should cherish every minute of it as much as I can. In which sometimes I fail, but the next time I walk to my final resting place, recover quickly… Kind of “off”, if you will, but getting it ahead of time. Financial/Asset Planning Reasons: It will be much cheaper to buy a plot now than in 80 years when I really need it! Because I’ve turned it into a family plot, it will also be less expensive for *everyone else* who chooses to live with me (plan is to get some kind of memorial on it where everyone’s names are inscribed over time be done) versus multiple headstones) it will be far less hassle/work/guessing for loved ones to deal with later. Not only do they need to decide what to do with me now (cremate me), or figure out where I want to be buried (there’s a lot already!), but they also have to deal with the paperwork. No more money and all the other annoying things that come with the process. They’ll still have to do some of the things that come with burying someone, but they should be 10x easier/faster in comparison. And chances are I won’t be the first one to go either way because my father has expressed interest in being buried there as well, so in theory we’ve already gone through the process and can easily relay it to the next person. Who in the line will have to deal with it… and in the end, it’s technically an asset! It’s a few feet to a few feet away, but it’s still a lot of “real estate”, lol… and then, even in a prime location as mentioned above, so if you ever want to do it again You can probably make a good profit (but no – I don’t include this in my net worth because someone asked me once)

[Me answering the cemetery/net worth question,
as well as other random ones passed over to me last year]

The price of all these amazing benefits? Roughly $2,500. Which doesn’t include any burial fees or cremation fees or headstones/monuments/everything that goes in it (though I recently heard I can prepay for that which I’ll have to see now), but still – it’s a There is less major thing that will need to be handled later.

And I must say, it feels so good to do so! It’s been almost a year and a half now and I’m completely cool with all of this. I’m not really ready to live in peace yet, but I love knowing where I’ll be and I’m constantly telling everyone who will listen where to find me later 😉

And don’t worry, I have left it in my will to tell everyone where I am too so you can come and leave some coins at your home!!

Highly recommend if you haven’t already started the process. Even if you don’t know exactly where you want to be or any other detail, it’s a great exercise to start thinking about it and eventually you’ll have your answers. Then be sure to at least *write* these wishes down so your family members can find them later – that’s half of the decision process!

And if you want, feel free to give me your final resting address too… If I was around by then, I’d be happy to pay my respects and even sign your headstone for you 😉 Can death-guys, have fun!!


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