15 Holiday Crafts Anyone Can Make and Sell for a Seasonal Side Hustle

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With the holiday season here, it’s time to put the Pinterest addiction to good use! How? Find easy Christmas crafts to make and sell at holiday fairs and festivals.

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People love to decorate their homes for the holidays, so this time of year is a golden opportunity for you to earn some extra cash. Many of the handmade crafts you see at holiday craft fairs are cheap to make, which means you can make a big profit out of them.

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It’s not like you’re going to be making millions of sold-out holiday crafts—but you can earn enough to throw some extra goodies under the tree. Plus, if you enjoy crafting, it’s an easy way to pursue your hobby.

Here are 15 Christmas crafts that are cheap and easy to make, as well as attractive and unique enough to sell. These are the perfect solutions for crafters and homebodies looking to find this year’s holiday side gig.

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When Should You Make Christmas Crafts To Sell?

The window for earning income from holiday crafts opens in September, but the good news is that seasonal items remain hot commodities through the months of October, November, and December. You can set up an Etsy account and start selling online, or choose to join the holiday craft circuit.

Use one of the many online directories to help you find a craft fair in your area. Some popular ones include FestivalNet and the arts and crafts show Yellow Pages. You can also check local schools, churches and chambers of commerce for smaller events that may not be listed.

How to Make Easy Christmas Crafts That Sell

Most of the things you’ll need to make a perfect holiday gift for someone you already have around the house. Hello, Green Construction Paper! And for some specialty items, the dollar store has cheap craft supplies.

Here are the basic crafting supplies and tools you should have:

Hot Glue Gun (and Hot Glue Sticks) Modage Podge (Make Your Own Decoupage With Glue) Washi Tape Ribbon, Twine and Jute Pom Poms Crepe or Scrapbooking Paper Spray Adhesive Clear and Double-sided Tape Pliers Paint (Acrylic) Paintbrush Hole Punch stapler acacto knife ruler

Walking through the list, you may find that you have at least half of these items gathering dust in a closet or drawer somewhere. The time has come to put them to good use.

15 easy holiday craft ideas to make and sell

There are hundreds of easy Christmas crafts, but the key is to find projects that are cheap to make and trendy enough to sell. Here are 15 fun holiday crafts that fit the bill.

1. Handmade Snow Globes

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Cute take on the versatile mason jar A nice winter addition to any table or mantel. Choosing quirky items to feature can make homemade snow globes more than glitter and glue. Think tiny Star Wars figurines, llamas or even pieces from a holiday village or train set. If you have the skills, level your snow globe with a wooden base for a more professional look.

You can also try your hand at these little DIY snow globe rings to impress your seasonal customers.

Skill Level: Easy to Intermediate

2. Handmade Christmas Candles

Who doesn’t love the warm scent of cinnamon, clove or mint? Making candles at home is a surprisingly easy (and profitable) holiday side gig. Pour them into jars labeled Handmade or decorate with sticks, burlap, and jute for a more natural, Pottery Barn-inspired look.

Not sure you’ll hold a candle to professional Chandler? Try mixing holiday essential oil blends with pine, ginger, orange, peppermint and clove oils, which smell like the ghost of Christmas.

Skill Level: Easy

3. Handmade Holiday Signs and Decorations

If you have basic wooden tools in your garage, you can pull off more sophisticated Christmas crafts. Handmade holiday signs and other Christmas decorations are popular sellers at holiday craft fairs and festivals. Stick or wreath with a little paint and some twine to draw attention to your sign.

And if you really want to brighten up your profits, make your own marquee letters or add battery-operated twinkle lights to your signage for a little extra holiday cheer.

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Getty Images 4. Holiday Soap and Bath Bombs

Who knew soap was so easy to make? Many soaps promise scented results in about 10 minutes per batch. Pour into silicone molds of any shape or size to make these seasonal bath products.

Want to make a big splash by selling your holiday bath supplies? Make sets of Christmas-themed bath bombs or paint them as Christmas candy for a funny surprise from Santa.

Skill Level: Easy to Intermediate

5. Handmade Holiday Wreaths

Wreaths on the front doors are a sure sign that Santa is on the way. Buyers are always on the lookout for something festive, fun, and unique to add a bit of excitement to their curb appeal. Here are several ideas for handmade wreaths that require a wreath form, some flower strings, and a sprinkling of holiday spirit.

Skill Level: Easy to Intermediate

6. Mason Jar Holiday Mix

Cookies. Hot Chocolate – Keeping the ingredients in a mason jar is as easy as it gets. And though they’re pretty simple (you can make them with the kids, too), printing a nice label makes them fancy enough to sell at any holiday fair.

And for the little ones (and teens) on the good list, avoid the sweet stuff and go right for the homemade jars of holiday slime that are popular on YouTube.

Skill Level: Easy

7. Christmas Tree Ornaments

The Kitch Holiday Fair for the Christmas tree is an endless source of revenue for purveyors. Instead of throwing glitter into an obvious ornament, try hanging one of these festive Christmas ornament ideas in your stall or online shop.

Some of the bestsellers at holiday craft markets are Christmas tree quirky ornaments like these felt cats or yarn ball ornaments for knitting enthusiasts.

Skill Level: Easy

8. Holiday Soaks, Scrub and Balm

Mmm, let’s talk about DIY luxury. It only takes a few ingredients and five minutes to make decadent items like a peppermint foot treat or a Christmas cookie sugar scrub. Put it in a pretty jar with ribbon and you’re in business.

And if you want more DIY holiday cosmetics for your shop or stall, indulge yourself in these seasonal lip balm recipes that require only four ingredients.

Skill Level: Easy

The green Christmas tree is made from yarn. Getty Images 9. Handmade Christmas Tree

These mini Christmas trees can be made from all manner of materials, including yarn, fabric scraps, or even dollar store silver ornaments glued together. And if you want to really be on trend this year, lean into flannel trees that are topped with rustic stars.

Because Christmas trees are so expensive, alternative Christmas trees are a flourishing seasonal business. Check out ideas for alternative DIY holiday trees that might be in your skill, such as those made from wooden dowels or even old glassware.

Skill Level: Easy to Advanced

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10. Handmade Seasonal Scarves

If the terms “fun cross stitching” don’t really apply to you, don’t worry. You don’t need much in the way of sewing skills to make Christmas and other holiday-themed scarves. Buy cheap, plain scarves and dress them up with pomp or fringe for something new.

Remember that you don’t have to knit (or actually sew) to make a profit-boosting scarf. Think about adding elements like buttons and braids to infinity scarves in seasonal colors.

Skill Level: Intermediate

11. Christmas Decorations

Decorate the halls of your stall or online shop with seasonal decorations that sell out. Try some or all of the following ideas that require a handful of ingredients and a little effort.

And last but certainly not least, explore your crafty side by creating a Christmas village. This adorable tutorial takes old birdhouses and a little paint and turns them into a tabletop winter wonderland.

Skill Level: Intermediate

12. Seasonal Kitchen Supplies

Because so many people spend the holidays in the kitchen, ‘cute Christmas is the season for decorations like handmade tea towels in patterns. If you don’t have a Cricut, you can just use fabric or acrylic paint for these festive tea towels. This holiday table runner uses a similar method and adds some seasonal tassels.

If you’re not feeling the linens, you can put a cork in it with these holiday-themed wine stoppers that use little knobs, corks, and a little imagination.

Skill Level: Intermediate

13. Homemade Holiday Dog Treats

Making seasonal flavored dog treats shaped like candy canes and putting them in jars with cute Christmas labels is one of the easiest holiday crafts. You’d be surprised how many homemade dog treat recipes are loved by humans too.

Don’t stop with dog treats because pet-themed crafts are popular and profitable. There probably isn’t a pet owner out there who wouldn’t roll for this dog bone garland.

Skill Level: Easy

A little girl uses a homemade advent calendar. Getty Images 14. Handmade Christmas Advent Calendar

Advent calendars come in all shapes and sizes. Scrape for something marketable like small envelopes, advent calendars made from felt or even mini cardstock bins.

If you have basic woodworking skills, you’re in luck because making an advent calendar block is an easy holiday craft you can count on.

Skill Level: Easy to Advanced

15. Holiday Fabric Gift Bags

Learn your way about the sewing machine? Then Santa has a new bag. Lean into simple seasonal sewing projects like these holiday bags in cute Christmas dresses and patterns.

Another quick and easy Christmas craft idea is to skip the gift bow and go with a stainless drawstring bag for those who don’t like to wrap. Hey, no judgment here.

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced

9 Tips for Selling DIY Christmas Crafts at the Holiday Craft Fair

Need help finding out if your holiday craft is worth the price? This guide from Paper + Spark for selling handmade items on Etsy suggests there is a formula for making a profit from those Christmas craft ideas. Take the cost of your supplies, double it to determine your wholesale price, and then double your wholesale price for labor and transportation.

For example, if the supply of that beautiful wreath you’re selling is $5.50, your wholesale price would be $11, but your retail markup would be $22. This will be the same even if you are selling the wreath online. Although the customer pays the shipping cost, you will still need to account for the cost of packaging and transportation to the post office, UPS or FedEx.

And if you’re selling at a craft fair for the first time, here are some tips from the pros to make it a success:

Know the audience. What would they be interested in? Make your booth attractive. Display your objects at eye level. Fill your booth. If you don’t have enough items, share with a friend. Create beautiful labels and include prices. Maintain a positive and welcoming attitude. Give people a place to browse. Accept credit cards. Try using a tool like Square to accept payments on your smartphone. hand over business card

Hopefully, these easy holiday craft ideas will help you earn a little extra cash from your seasonal side gig. And prepared to provide you some financial security in the new year.

Kaz Vida is the senior author of The Penny Hoarder. Susan Shane contributed.

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