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Learn about the 16 best jobs for college students, whether you want to work remotely, on campus, or off campus. (iStock)

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It’s no secret that college is expensive, and getting more expensive every year. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, during the 2018-19 academic year, the average annual cost of attending a public institution and living on campus was $18,383. Meanwhile, the average cost for private nonprofit schools was $47,419.

even if you taking out student loans, you may still need a job to help pay for school. Although balancing both classes and work can be challenging, a job can provide valuable life skills that you can apply after graduation. Here are 16 of the best jobs for college students.

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What to consider during your job search

Choosing the right college job for you depends on several personal factors. For example, an on-campus job may be convenient if you live on campus. And if you’re a full-time student with a busy course load, a part-time or remote job may be best suited.

Some factors to consider when looking for a new job include your flexibility and any skills you want to develop. Also, be honest with yourself about your stress levels. Is your current schedule heavy? How many shifts can you take while staying on top of your studies? Ask yourself these questions during your job search.

College Internships Vs Jobs

In college, you may have the option of taking an internship. If you don’t have enough time in your schedule to do jobs and internships, you may have to decide which job to do. While your responsibilities and time commitment may be similar, there are some key differences between college internships and jobs.

First, not all college internships are paid. While the U.S. Department of Labor requires most private sector, for-profit companies to pay interns at least the minimum wage, many public sector or non-profit organizations do not have the same requirement. If you are primarily interested in an internship for salary, make sure the salary is offered before applying.

Beyond salary, the benefit of internships is the experience and skill-building they can provide in your desired field. Whether you should do an internship or a traditional job depends on your available time, goals and your income needs.

16 of the best jobs for college students

When you are a college student you have many job options. In addition to different types of work, you can choose to work remotely on campus or off campus. Here are some of the best jobs for college students to consider.

7 Remote Jobs

choose one online or remote jobs Can be a great way to earn money on your own time. You usually won’t have to leave your dorm room or apartment, and you can even work from your laptop between classes.

virtual assistant

Average hourly rate: $19.36

The specific job duties of virtual assistants vary by company, but may include scheduling appointments, handling travel arrangements, and creating posts on social media platforms. Virtual assistants usually have to pay for their own Internet connection and have their own work location, but if you don’t have much time to commute to and from work, the remote nature of the job makes it convenient. .

data entry clerk

Average hourly rate: $18.36

Data entry services may include adding information to documents and spreadsheets, combing through records, verifying document accuracy, and inserting customer or transaction data into a company’s online database.

freelance writer

Average hourly rate: $30.39

If you enjoy writing, or editing, being a freelance writer or editor can be a great way to earn extra money in your spare time. If you are knowledgeable about specific topics or areas of interest, that is even better.

audio transcriptionist

Average hourly rate: $15.11

There is a huge demand for audio transcriptionists these days. In this role, you’ll convert audio files — such as podcasts, videos or phone interviews — into readable documents. This job can pay well depending on the client and the complexity of the audio file. You may be paid by the hour or, in some cases, by the word.

online tutor

Average hourly rate: $18.30

Working as an online tutor can be a great way to earn extra money while helping children or adults with a variety of subjects. Pick an area in which you are strong – such as math or science – and help someone else gain an understanding of the subject.

social media manager

Average hourly rate: $20

Do you enjoy social media? Are you well-versed in what works (and what doesn’t) for algorithms on certain platforms? Can you curate a photo feed? Then working as a social media manager might be perfect for you. Small businesses and corporations alike need social media talent that can be up to speed on the latest trends and help them achieve customer engagement.


Average hourly rate: $18.48

Between affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and pay-per-click ads, being a blogger can be quite lucrative, and it’s something you can do whenever. You can blog about almost anything, and you can find platforms that will let you host your website for free.

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6 On-Campus Jobs

working on campus If you don’t have transportation, or have an on-demand class schedule, this can be a good option. Many on-campus jobs through your college may also be part of work-study programs, which may be linked to need-based financial aid.


Average hourly rate: $14.25

If you are proficient in a certain subject, you can teach other students on campus. Many colleges have learning centers where teachers can meet other students and teach lessons. You can enjoy a fair amount of flexibility and you don’t need to commute anywhere.

resident assistant

Average hourly rate: $12.91

A resident assistant is usually an upper class person or graduate student who supervises the other residents in the hostels. This can be a great way to make money and even (in some cases) get free or discounted housing. Just be prepared to deal with a variety of conflicts.

campus bookstore clerk

Average hourly rate: $12.46

majority of colleges and universities There is a campus bookstore where students and staff can buy or rent books, purchase school supplies, and more. This retail position can be fun and engaging for students, while also potentially offering discounts on your own in-store purchases.

library assistant

Average hourly rate: $11.18

If you want to work in a space that is quiet, organized, and even provides an opportunity to study during your downtime, then becoming a library assistant may be perfect for you. This job includes looking in and out of books, directing students to resources, organizing shelves, and managing study room reservations.

school tour guide

Average hourly rate: $13.37

do you love your school Want to show prospective students and their parents around, and get them excited about enrolling, too? Then becoming a campus tour guide can be a great option. You can do this work on weekends or during school days. Plus, it can help you make your move!

mailroom attendant

Average hourly rate: $20

Colleges typically enroll thousands of students and have a healthy staff roster, so it’s no surprise that a college mailroom can get quite busy. If you’re looking for a part-time on-campus job, becoming a mailroom attendant can be a great job, especially if sorting, alphabetizing, and attention to detail are your strengths.

3 Off-Campus Jobs

Working off campus is another great option, especially if you’re hoping to earn a little more money or just want to take a few hours off school. Here are some off-campus jobs you can consider.


Average hourly rate: $15.30

If you enjoy spending time with kids and keep a consistent schedule, nannying can be quite appealing. You can nanny before school, after school or on weekends. Depending on your area, rates can be quite high.


Average hourly rate: $11.07

If you want a job where you meet many people every day, including fellow students, consider being a barista. Bonus? You will find plenty of coffee and tea to drink in your classes to help you stay awake.

pet sitter

Average hourly rate: $15.75+

Getting a pet is a huge undertaking. If you stay in classes all day or aren’t allowed to have pets because you live in a hostel, pets can be a great way to be around. Many pet owners need help ranging from dog walking to in-house pet sitting, and you can set your own hours and rates.

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