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Julia, a feminist retelling of George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984, Used to be Accepted Found by the estate of the late author and publishers in both North America and the UK Diversity Reporting The upcoming novel is already being seen for an on-screen adaptation.

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Julia, written by Sandra Newman, will be told from the point of view of the female character of the same name in the original 1984, which focused on the male protagonist Winston.

The novel will be published in North America by Mariner Books, a longtime publisher of Orwell novels.

Granta Books has secured the rights to the novel in the UK.

Diversity reported that the upcoming novel, which would not be released until Newman’s next book man Bookstores and e-readers, which hit bookstores and e-readers in 2022, have already garnered “tremendous interest” as a potential movie or television show, though it won’t be offered an option for several more months.

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