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Facebook and Instagram parent company Meta is reportedly planning to hold several rounds of layoffs this spring on the same scale as the mass layoffs late last year, this year at tech giants including General Motors, Twitter There were major layoffs in companies, banks and manufacturers. Citigroup and Yahoo.


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march 8metaThe cuts could be as large as the previous round of layoffs, which affected about 11,000 workers, sources familiar with the matter said. wall street journalwhile sources told Bloomberg May cut “thousands” of staff earlier this week – Meta also had Allegedly asked company executives, lawyers and financial experts last month to lay out a major restructuring plan (Meta did not immediately respond forbes request for comment).

march 9Lockheed Martin Lockheed Martin plans to cut 176 employees from its Sikorsky Heavy Lift Helicopter division, which as of last month had 116,000 employees, according to PitchBook, a work adjustment and retraining notification filing with the Maryland Department of Labor.

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march 8hunter douglas The company plans to lay off 361 of its approximately 23,000 employees, the company announced in a state filing, as the window and curtain company closes a facility in Cumberland, Maryland. Cumberland Times-News informed of.

March 6Atlassian will cut 500 full-time employees, or roughly 5% of its workforce, the Securities and Exchange Commission announced Admission Monday – Co-CEOs Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar cited a “changing and difficult macroeconomic environment”. internal memoAdding, “We need to re-balance the skills needed to run quickly across our company’s priorities.”

March 6satellite radio company SiriusXM CEO Jennifer Witz announced in a memo The layoffs for employees will affect about 8% of its roughly 6,000 employees (about 475 positions) and affect “virtually every department”, as executives struggle to “maintain a sustainably profitable company” amid “today’s uncertain economic climate”. Let’s try

March 1City GroupSources familiar with the matter said the cuts are expected to affect less than 1% of the company’s roughly 240,000 employees. Bloombergafter the company reportedly cut another 50 business employees in November (Citi did not immediately respond Forbes’ request for details).

March 1Chicago-based software consulting firm thought works The reduction of 4% of its approximately 12,500 global workforce will be done with the intention of “supporting the future growth of the business”, confirmed spokeswoman Linda Horiuchi. forbesAfter the forecast of the company in first quarter forecast That revenue will decline by more than 5% from last year’s first quarter.

March 1waymoSources familiar with the matter said the cuts would affect 8% of its workforce. reuters And Information On Wednesday, it came after its parent company Alphabet — which is also Google’s parent company — announced massive layoffs affecting nearly 12,000 employees, bringing the total number of employees at the company to 209 this year (Waymo did not immediately respond to a request for comment. forbes,

February 28bites on General Motors A source familiar with the matter said the number of employees would be in the “low hundreds”. reutersWhen detroit news reported that the number could affect as many as 500 of the company’s 167,000 employees (GM did not respond forbes‘ inquiry of how many employees can be cut).

February 27Twitter The social media platform has begun laying off 200 of the social media giant’s remaining 2,000 employees in the latest round of job cuts, sources familiar with the matter said. new York TimesThe company’s workforce of about 7,500 has been slashed by more than half after several previous rounds of layoffs, just weeks after CEO Elon Musk promised to “stabilize the organization”.

February 27cerebral Confirmed that the mental-health startup will cut 15% of its workforce (about 285 employees) in its statement. forbessaying the layoffs are part of a restructuring plan — the company’s third round of layoffs since last summer, including a round in June that affected 350 employees,

February 27Denver based software company Palantir Technologies Even as the company, will cut its workforce by only 2% informed of $31 million in profit last fiscal quarter—affecting 76 of the company’s 3,838 employees, according to PitchBook forbes,

February 24EricssonThe latest round of layoffs, which is expected to affect 8% of its roughly 106,000 global workforce (around 8,500 positions), comes as part of a cost-cutting plan intended to save around $880 million by the end of 2023 and this includes 1,400 It had announced earlier this week that positions would be cut in Sweden, where the company is headquartered.

February 22npr President and CEO John Lansing announced amid a slump in advertising revenue and “the global economy remains uncertain.”

February 21McKinseyThe job cuts could affect more than 4% of the company’s roughly 44,000 employees, according to PitchBook—McKinsey did not immediately respond. forbes‘ Request for more details, though people familiar with the matter told Bloomberg The New York-based company is expected to roll out layoffs in the coming weeks.

February 16DocuSign Unveiled plans to cut 10% of its staff at the Securities and Exchange Commission Admission On Thursday, the cuts affected about 740 of its 7,400 employees — the San Francisco-based software company’s second round of cuts in less than half a year, following a 9% drop in its workforce last November.

February 15accounting firm kpmg may cut 2% of its workforce (around 700 employees), financial Times citing a staff memo from Carl Karande, vice-chairman of the company’s US advisory business, who said the cuts are aimed at aligning its workforce with “current and anticipated market demands” — making it the first of the so-called Big Four accounting firms will conduct a massive round of layoffs in the coming months amid growing fears of a recession.

February 10twilioThe cuts, which will affect just over 1,500 of the company’s roughly 9,000 employees, according to PitchBook, come as part of a major restructuring plan — the company’s second in five months, after furloughing its workforce last September. After the decision to cut 11%. CEO Jeff Lawson said in a message to employees On Monday, “it’s clear that we’ve grown a lot.”

February 9news corpowning to wall street journal, new york postPublishing giant HarperCollins, as well as outlets in the UK and Australia, is planning to cut 5% of its workforce this year (around 1,250 employees), magazine reported after 7% revenue decline to $2.52 billion in the 12-month period ending December.

February 8Yahoo plans to cut more than half of its Yahoo for Business division by the end of the year, affecting more than 1,600 employeesincluding nearly 1,000 this week alone, according to a company spokeswoman who told forbes The cuts will “simplify and consolidate our advertising business,” which “is not profitable and is struggling to live up to our high standards.”

February 8nomad healthA New York-based online healthcare staffing management company is laying off 17% of its corporate staff (about 120 employees), CEO Aleksey Nazem told workers in a letter obtained by the New York Times. forbes The move comes as the company “faces a major shift in the post-pandemic economy” due to high inflation, fears of a recession and low consumer demand.

February 8Internet Technology Management Company githubwhich is owned by Microsoft announced it was laying off 10% of its workforce – about 300 of its 3,000 employees – officials confirmed forbesSaying The move is part of a “budgetary restructuring” aimed at preserving “the health of our business in the short term”.

February 7disney CEO Bob Iger may lay off as many as 7,000 employees (about 3.2% of its 220,000 global workforce) in “necessary steps to address the challenges we face today,” CEO Bob Iger said in a conference call Wednesday afternoon. Are. By cutting off its employees.

February 7in a Securities and Exchange Commission Admission, eBay Announced 4% reduction in its workforce (500 employees), as the San Jose, California-based e-commerce company works to cut costs “with ideas” [global] macroeconomic situation. ,

February 7In a message to employees, Eric Yuan, CEO of the online meeting platform zoom, plans unveiled The company was to cut about 1,300 positions amid “changes to post-pandemic life” and the “uncertainty of the global economy” — about 15% of its workforce, after tripling its staff at the start of the pandemic.

February 7Atlanta based cyber security company secureworks declared in a sec Admission It will cut 9% of its staff (estimated to affect about 225 of its roughly 2,500 employees, according to PitchBook), as it looks to reduce spending amid “a time when some of the world economy is in a period of uncertainty”. wants to do

February 6jet maker boeing Confirmed for multiple news stores Plan of To Cutting About 2,000 jobs this year in finance and human resources, although the firm said it would increase its total workforce by 10,000 employees “with a focus on engineering and manufacturing”.