20Growth: The Biggest Growth Lesson on Scaling to Millions of Users from Reddit and Zynga | Why, When and How to Hire Your First Growth | The Biggest Mistake Founder Vaibhav Sehgal, VP Consumer Product @ Reddit – 20VC Makes in Hiring, Onboarding & Integration for Growth Teams

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Posted on 26 Oct 2022 hstebbings1 . By

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Vaibhav Sehgal is the VP of Consumer Product @ Reddit, where he has been for nearly 5 years. Prior to his flagship consumer product, Vaibhav spent 3 years at Reddit as Head of Development. Prior to Reddit, Vaibhav spent an incredible 8 years at Zynga in various roles, including Director of Product and GM for “Friends with Friends”.

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In today’s episode with Vaibhav Sehgal we discuss:

1.) Product Entry + Development:

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How did Vaibhav come to lead some of the best development organizations in the world on both Reddit and Zynga? What are the 1-2 biggest findings of Vaibhav from working with Mark Pincus @ Zynga? What is the most painful development lesson that Vaibhav learned that he is happy to learn?

2.) WTF is “development” really:

How does Vaibhav define development today? What is it not? How does Vaibhav basically differentiate between value relation and value creation? Is development an art or a science? Which gimmicks have died? Is it stronger than before?

3.) Hiring Your Development Team:

How does Vaibhav advise founders on when is the right time to hire your first development professionals? Where should they sit within the organization? in product? in marketing? Standalone Growth Team? What are the biggest mistakes Vaibhav has seen when he hires his first growth hire?

4.) Interview Process:

How does Vaibhav structure the interview process for all new development employees? What are the steps? What Questions Should Be Asked When Hiring for Development? What are good answers? How can founders use case studies and data to determine the quality of a development candidate?

5.) Onboarding and Integration:

What is the optimal onboarding process for all new Growth Hire? What are the signs in the first 3 days that Growth Higher will not work? What can leaders do to integrate Growth Hire with the rest of the team? What are the biggest mistakes founders make when hiring development? Items mentioned in today’s episode:

Vaibhav’s Favorite Book: Andrew Chen: The Cold Start Problem

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