20VC: Close to $9BN after just five years from struggling to raise funding to IPOing; The $8BN Company You Probably Didn’t Know | How to Build Big Companies with Small Teams Seba Kanovich, CEO @ dlocal – 20VC . With the Largest Hiring Lessons and Mistakes

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Posted on 16 Sep 2022 htebbings1 . By

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Seba Kanovich is CEO @dLocal, the #1 payments leader with a single solution focused on Latin America and other emerging markets. In June 2021, dlocal raised $617M in its NASDAQ IPO listing, valuing the company to approximately $9BN. Prior to its IPO, DealLocal raised some of the best, including General Atlantic, Bond Capital, and Oren Zeev, to name a few. Prior to deLocal, Seba was the CEO of Astropay, a leading payment solutions provider in emerging markets.

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In today’s episode with Seba Kanovich we discuss:

1.) Journey of CEO of an $8BN Company:

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How did Seba play the CEO of an $8BN company through dinner at his mother-in-law’s house? What does SEBA know now that it wants it to know when it first becomes CEO?

2.) Leadership 101:

What does “high performance” mean in business and leadership? How important are speed and speed of execution at startup? When should business speed up for quality? Where are the specifics? How does SEBA think about priority? What framework does he use to determine which one to focus on? How does SEBA think through effective delegation? How can leaders determine what only they can do?

3.) Leadership: Challenges and Lessons:

What is the biggest insecurity of SEBA in leadership today? How does he manage them? How have they changed over time? What is the most painful leadership lesson that SEBA has learned that it too is happy to learn? What gets easier with scale as a leader? What gets tough? In a scalping organization, what’s the first thing to break? What can be done to reduce it?

4.) Funding and IPO:

Why did dlocal bootstrap for 4 years instead of raising funding? How did that process change their mindset towards capital efficiency? What was good about it? what was bad? What are the biggest profits great investors can bring? Why did SEBA decide the right time to make 2021 public? What was the biggest surprise about going public? What is good and what is bad about being a public company? Items mentioned in today’s episode:

Seba’s Favorite Book: Steppenwolf by Hermann Hesse

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