$25M mansion coming to site of Jeffrey Epstein’s demolished Fla. perv palace

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The Palm Beach area of ​​Florida will soon deny its connection to notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

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A Massachusetts venture capitalist is building a 10,000-square-foot mansion on the site of the disgraced financier’s now-demolished Palm Beach estate, where he is said to have courted and abused dozens of underage girls.

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The elite enclave’s architectural commission has approved David Skok’s plans for a waterfront residence he bought last year for $25.8 million.

Epstein, who paid $2.5 million for the 0.8-acre lot in 1990, used it as one of his main bases of operations, and his right-hand man, Ghislaine Maxwell, was known to scour nearby malls and schools to hire young girls for work. as masseuses, according to many reports.

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Skok purchased the cleared Palm Beach lot from builder Todd Glazer, who bought it for $19 million last March before tearing down an unwanted monument to Epstein’s crimes in April.

Digital visualization of what the new property on El Brillo Street will look like.
City of Palm Beach

Epstein’s 14,000-square-foot home was bulldozed in April 2021. The demolition was cheered by locals, and Lawrence Moens, the reclusive broker who handled the Glazer purchase, told the Palm Beach Daily News that he wanted it “off the map.”

Proceeds from this property sale were used to pay off Epstein’s tax debt and compensate his victims.

Plans for David Skok's new home on the site of Jeffrey Epstein's former Palm Beach mansion.
Plans for the construction of a new house on the site have been approved.
City of Palm Beach

Venture capitalist Matrix Partners and author of a popular startup website, Skok plans to build a two-story, six-bedroom white house with a library, courtyard, pool, pavilion, and direct access to the Waterfront.

The median house price in Palm Beach is over $7 million, making it one of the most popular areas to live in the US. Since Epstein’s property stands on the water, few doubted how long the plot of land would remain vacant.

Map showing the area where the new property will be located
City of Palm Beach
The former Palm Beach site of Jeffrey Epstein, which was demolished last year.
Former site of Jeffrey Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion as it stands today.
RM / SplashNews.com
Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion during demolition.
The Palm Beach Post-USA TODAY NE

While in Epstein’s possession, a 2005 Palm Beach police raid on a 1953 six-bedroom apartment revealed the insides of his sex lair, including sex toys, bizarre photographs, and paintings of naked women on the walls.

The search also turned up a topless photograph of Maxwell, who is now serving a 20-year sentence in a low-security prison in Tallahassee for trafficking women for Epstein to rape.

Jeffrey Epstein's Palm Beach estate was demolished in 2021.
What Epstein’s Palm Beach estate looked like before demolition in April 2021.

The jet-setting predator died in a Manhattan jail cell while awaiting trial in 2019.

Trophy items from Epstein’s extensive real estate portfolio have been put up for sale since his arrest.

While his Upper East Side townhouse in Manhattan sold for $51 million in April 2021, his other former homes remain on the market, including estates in New Mexico and Paris and his infamous “pedophile island” in the Caribbean. sea.

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