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Three more plaintiffs joined a class-action lawsuit filed in August alleging that American Express subjected white employees to “racial discrimination” that contributed to a hostile work environment.

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“Since filing this lawsuit, my firm has been inundated with calls from former and current Amex employees across the country who read the allegations in the complaint and couldn’t believe how accurately they described their own experience with the company,” the attorney said. David Pivtorak told FOX Business.

On August 23, Pivtorak filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of former Amex employee Brian Netzel and possibly thousands of others in a similar position after what the complaint describes as “an avalanche of bad things that have happened to white people at this company since how George Floyd was killed.” .”

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The lawsuit alleges that Amex implemented an “anti-racist” policy throughout its corporate structure after Floyd’s death that “favored people for being black and unequivocally signaled to white employees that their race was an obstacle to promotion within the company.” .”


In the amended complaint, three new class plaintiffs allege discrimination similar to that described by Netzel.

Netzel told FOX Business at the time his complaint was filed that Amex’s racial policies had generated “tremendous hostility” in the workplace. He argued that white employees were being unfairly penalized or let go due to promotions, while some black employees were only promoted to meet racial quotas, and that some felt entitled to “extirpate in McCarthy-era fashion people, who disagreed with this general philosophy. “

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In his original complaint, Netzel argued that his female manager, who was black, would “aggressively harass and berate white employees” and that Amex was not only aware of her behavior, but also provided financial incentives to executives to reduce the number of white employees.

One of the new plaintiffs, who lives in a different city than the original plaintiff, claims to have been racially harassed and discriminated against by the same manager. Another claims that another manager was harassed and denied a promotion on racial grounds. All three new plaintiffs say they were forced to resign from well-paid positions at the company to avoid a racially toxic environment.


“It’s hard to put into words how racially toxic that work environment must have been, from top to bottom where you can just hear it in the voices of these people. I only hope that more employees will challenge these heinous practices, because that is how we will finally bring the perpetrators to justice, ”said lawyer Pivtorak.

Amex did not comment on the amended complaint, but denied the original lawsuit’s claims, with a spokesperson telling FOX Business at the time, “The allegations made against our company in the lawsuit are false and unfounded. live our company values, which include developing a diverse and inclusive culture in which all employees can thrive.”

“Promotions, hiring and remuneration in our company are based solely on individual qualifications, business and leadership qualities. Any claim to the contrary is incorrect, and we do not provide any incentives for behavior that discriminates or favors any group of employees,” the spokesperson added.

Amex has faced numerous allegations of discrimination. Nick Williams, a white male who spent eight years as a business development manager at Amex until he was abruptly fired in March 2021, turned down a six-figure settlement offer after refusing to sign paperwork to stop him from speaking out against a credit card. hippo.

In 2021, five current and former employees told FOX Business on condition of anonymity that the company engages in “reverse discrimination” against white employees and adheres to the principles of critical race theory in the workplace. At the time, Amex vehemently denied the allegations.