4 Tips for Planning a Spring Break Trip Project

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With spring break starting soon for many schools, it’s the perfect time of year for students to start thinking ahead about how to budget for a college spring break trip with Project NGPF.

Part of the Budgeting unit, Project: Plan a Spring Break Trip has students work together in a group to plan a spring break college vacation. This includes creating a budget, a slide show and presentation about their trip, which culminates in a competition with other groups for the best trip.

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Here are four tips to keep in mind if you plan to use Activity:

1. Remember to choose a college for the students to plan the trip.

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To make the competition fair, all groups should start from the same college so that they can work with the same constraints of distance from their destination.

2. Consider setting a budget.

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The instructions don’t set a spending limit, but you may want to add one to make it more realistic and to keep all groups at the same spending level.

3. Give yourself enough time to complete it.

This project will take several days. Make sure you plan for student aide time as well as presentations.

4. Make sure students understand how they will be assessed.

The winner will be determined by peer evaluation. Will students answer questions about how fun the trip is? Is the trip realistic? And is the trip a good value?

Want to dive deeper? About this project Join Amanda for Virtual PD today (Monday, March 20) and get more implementation ideas, teacher tips, and supplemental resources to help you use the lesson plan and this engaging activity.

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