5 cool ways I helped my kids improve their Chinese

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“What can I do to help my children improve their Chinese language?”

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Friends and followers always ask me this question. Er… even though I have good Mandarin, it’s another thing to teach. I also struggle a lot by teaching Chinese to my kids. So to save my headache, and myself from early wrinkles.. It took me some time to find 5 cool ways my kids can improve their sugar.

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5 ways to help my kids improve in Chinese 1. Tuition and enrichment classes

I signed Chinese Speech and Drama and Chinese Creative Writing for Girls at Hokkien Hua Kuan, Singapore. I choose speech and drama because there is role playing, storytelling, singing and language play. Most of the people hate Chinese because it is difficult but through games and games it can help to increase their confidence level and develop a strong interest in Chinese language.

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Asking children to make up a story is not difficult, but asking them to write down their thoughts in Chinese will be difficult. Also, they will teach them the right writing techniques, thinking processes to help them generate more ideas and express their ideas clearly.

This is my biggest creation I can see a huge improvement over.

A video clip on Shin Hee SHHK Jun Holiday Class.

As far as tuition is concerned, I sent both of them to HCL (Happy Chinese Learning). Was really trying to find one near my location but the waiting list is long. I read online reviews that HCL is very good and there is some in North East region. The good thing is that you can choose to focus on comprehension/verbal or composition. Since girls are learning creative writing, I opt for comprehension.

They use a reward system in their teaching that actually encourages children to be active in the classroom by asking or answering questions. His worksheet is good but I can’t wait for his spelling.

HCL Chinese Worksheet to Improve Chinese Comprehension 2. Yaodao Reading Pen

This is my super life saver! How could I not buy it earlier. This is a pen that reads any book! English, Chinese and even Spanish (well, I don’t really need that). It saves me from all calling. Girls keep calling me and asking me to repeat it again and again. The pen history function allows girls to refer back to words they’ve scanned before.

5 good ways I helped my kids improve their Chinese language

Detailed description with HYPY.

5 cool ways I tried to help my kids improve their Chinese

You can scan an entire line of a sentence without any problems.

5 cool ways I tried to help my kids improve their Chinese

The history function allows us to refer back to the words we have scanned before. Scan words. Smart Yaodao can scan any book. Smart Yodao – Just need to press down to scan the words.

The pen also encourages them to read Chinese books as they are very eager to scan and it will read them aloud.

what i like
– History function, so they can look back again
– Han Yu Pin Yin Function. Very useful for my eldest, she will write HYPY so she can learn again.
– Reading function aloud. Old school dictionaries don’t actually pronounce words, so kids can learn precise pronunciation by reading aloud.
– Besides the Chinese meaning, they also have an explanation in English.

From now until August 31st, you can get an extra 10% off by keying in the code “LINDQIQI” from Shopee (Direct Distributor with Warranty)!

reading chinese book

I know it’s hard but unfortunately it’s a way to improve their sugar. That’s how I improve my Chinese by reading all the detective novels (like -衛斯理系列). Reading to children is not easy, I force my kids to take at least 1 Chinese story books for every 3 English books I borrow from the library. Honestly I think the library should give extra book bug cards for kids who borrow a Chinese book. ,

But, with the Smart Yaodao Pen, it really makes my life a lot easier, because when those kids can’t read, they can use the pen to help them.

singing chinese songs

Children before adolescence love music, especially those that are in trend now. All popular songs of Tik Tok and YouTube. This helps them identify words faster as they need to sing along!

watching chinese movies

Every Friday and Saturday we have a weekend movie night. With multiple options like Netflix and Disney+ (you can sign up through Shopback to earn cashback) that offers a variety of Chinese shows for the whole family. This can train their way of talking and how to use Mandarin appropriately.

In recent years, China has improved the quality of its animation and production, you can find a good selection of movies for children for example Over the Moon.

5 Good Ways I Did to Help My Kids Improve Chinese

Watching Chinese movies on weekend movie nights. conclusion

Language is something that we have to read, listen and practice more to improve. The most important thing is to create an interest in Chinese in children so that they can learn and use it. Once they understand it, slowly they will learn how to use sugar beautifully and fall in love with this 3500 year written history!

Featured image credits to SHHK.

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