5 Important Student Loan Forgiveness Updates As Applications Surge

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Applications are on the rise for President Biden’s two signature student loan forgiveness initiatives.

The Biden administration on Monday officially launched applications for its one-time student loan cancellation plan that would provide $10,000 or more in student loan forgiveness to millions of borrowers on their government-held federal student loans. Borrowers can apply till December 31, 2023, but many are in a hurry to complete it new online application After the Department of Education successfully completed beta testing over the weekend.

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Meanwhile, the window to apply for relief under the limited PSLF waiver program, which provides temporary retrospective flexibility for borrowers seeking student loan forgiveness through the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program, is rapidly closing. . The initiative expires on October 31, but the Department of Education is still updating guidance on the initiative in response to the new law.

Here’s the latest.

12 million borrowers have already applied for student loan forgiveness under the Biden plan

According to President Biden on Tuesday, another forty million Borrowers have applied for one-time student loan forgiveness since its announcement on Monday. This tops the eight million borrowers who applied during last weekend’s beta launch.

Online Application It’s easy and straightforward to complete, and most borrowers should be able to deposit it in just a few minutes. Only basic contact information and personal details are required, and borrowers are not required to log in or submit any supporting documents. All they need to do is certify that they meet the income criteria associated with the program.

The Department of Education estimates that up to 40 million borrowers may eventually be eligible for student loan forgiveness.

Automatic student loan forgiveness is coming

When the administration first announced the one-time student loan forgiveness initiative in August, Education Department officials indicated that borrowers who already had income information with the department (for example, if the borrower had recently Have applied for an income-driven repayment plan) Receive your student loan forgiveness rewards automatically, without the need to submit an application.

education department reportedly started implementing Automated student loan forgiveness process now. Borrowers who are eligible for automatic loan forgiveness will receive a notification if they qualify. If they wish, they will also be given an opportunity to get out of relief.

Borrowers living abroad are facing some problems with student loan forgiveness application

Some borrowers living abroad are reporting problems applying for student loan relief through the online application. Foreign IP addresses are apparently being blocked, which prevents these borrowers from accessing the application.

The Education Department is reportedly working on a solution. A paper application may also be available in the coming weeks, which these borrowers can use as a solution if necessary.

FFELP Spouse Consolidation Borrowers Have Pathway To Student Loan Forgiveness Through PSLF Waiver

Borrowers with FFELP Spouse Consolidation Loans — an older type of federal student loan that allowed married borrowers to combine their individual federal student loans — have been left out of PSLF relief because federal law allowed these borrowers to take their own loans. The loans were prohibited from being reconsolidated into direct consolidation. loan. Direct debt consolidation is a necessary step for FFELP borrowers to qualify for loan waiver under PSLF, which also includes limited PSLF waiver.

However, Congress recently passed legislation allowing FFELP and direct spouse consolidation loans to be split and potentially reconsolidated into direct loans to qualify for PSLF relief under the exemption. education department this week Updated your Online Limited PSLF Waiver Guidance To provide a way for loan waiver to these borrowers.

“If you have a joint consolidation loan, a specific process has been established for borrowers to review these loan types as a result of the new law,” the Department of Education says. “This process requires you to submit a reconsideration request and attach your signed PSLF form,” instead of sending the PSLF form to Mohela – the designated PSLF servicer of the Department of Education.

Borrowers with joint spouse consolidation loans seeking PSLF relief should carefully review the Education Department’s updated guidance Here,

No indication limited PSLF exemption will extend

Student loan borrower advocacy groups are urging the Biden administration to extend the limited PSLF exemption beyond the October 31 deadline, given widespread concerns that many borrowers may run out of relief. But till now the education department has not given any indication that the extension is happening.

With only 13 days left for PSLF to revert to its original eligibility norms, top officials are urging borrowers to take necessary steps to apply and avail the relief before the waiver opportunity ends. Borrowers should review the limited PSLF waiver eligibility rules and application procedures Here,

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