62% of you are still growing your sales team in 2023. Shastra

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So realistically, it looks like sales productivity startups are most affected by the current macro environment. It seems like everyone… stopped buying them. Ever Salesforce has had a much tougher time than most public SaaS companies. We had a great chat with the incredible CRO of Gong about how tough it is now:

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But is this an excuse to remain silent? To sacrifice a little?

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I say no. In fact, I always say no. I sold a sales tool in 2008-2009 when the global economy was in recession, and we didn’t stop selling. You shouldn’t either. But to make sure you’re still doing well in the segment of your customer base, and with more proof of ROI, you’ll need to sell better.

With that, we conducted a survey to see who is actually still recruiting in sales.

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and answer? most of you. 62% of you.

Now, it’s definitely down from 12 months ago. It’s tough out there.

But people are still growing their sales teams. We are, even the little old team at SaaStr! So are several of my top VC investments.

You can say hi it’s me. You can say that your 2021 guide no longer works. I hear you.

Or find that 62% that is still growing and hiring. And sell them something that will actually help them. Very.

Published on January 17, 2023

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