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A pleasant work environment can help with productivity and organization. Whether you’re a solopreneur working out of your home office, or you have actual space in a building, making the most of the area can improve your business and help you thrive.

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How can you manage your property and get traction from it? We look at ideas for improving the aesthetics, layout and mood of your environment. You want to keep the place in good working order, as well as fix any problems that may arise. Make sure the functionality of the space stays updated.

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Source: Pexels How Can You Improve Your Office Environment?

According to the National Office report, the average office vacancy rate remains around 15.1%, with more businesses open than usual over the past few years. Still, in some areas, there is a lack of available space, so you may be forced to make do with what you can find.

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Whatever space limitations you have, you can improve any environment and make it more conducive to a thriving business. Here are our favorite tips for making your office space look amazing and a space that you and your employees can feel at home.

1. Change the Color Scheme

Colors have a huge psychological effect on people. You can use color to create a calm atmosphere, pops of bright to create excitement, or neutrals to keep things even. Consult a designer about what colors might work best for the office space you have.

You should also think about the color palette of your brand and how well the shades fit with the personality of your business. Paint and decorations are easy to change if something isn’t working for you.

2. Make Small Spaces Look Bigger

Do you have a small space or are you trying to work out of a home office? Perhaps you need to meet customers and want your single car attached garage to provide a multi-purpose service. The good news is that you can make a small space look bigger by organizing it in certain ways.

You can use an accent wall towards the back of a long room to attract the eye and make the space appear larger than it is. Use a contrasting color, such as a dark green against light gray walls. Think of any accents that can draw the eye. Even your flooring can make a space look bigger or smaller.

3. Go for Comfort Over Style

You might be tempted to buy those bright orange armchairs for meeting spaces, but if they’re like sitting on the edge of a cliff, they won’t be conducive to productive conversation. Instead, look for pieces of furniture where people can sit and chat for long periods.

You should also lean towards ergonomic designers for desks and chairs. Your employees—even if you’re the only one right now—are likely to spend long hours on a variety of tasks. You want them to be comfortable and not cause back problems.

4. Install Adequate Lighting

Proper lighting can completely transform your office space. Natural sunlight is always best, but where it is lacking, add overhead lights whenever possible. No one wants to work in a dark, secluded place.

If customers come to your office for meetings, you don’t want them to feel like they are walking into a dungeon. If you own the building, adding some canned lights to the ceiling can create quite a bit of light.

You may also want to look into lamps that simulate natural sunlight. It can improve the mood of your employees and make everyone more productive.

5. Improving Air Quality

Poor air quality can affect the health of you and your employees. Luckily, there are some things you can do to make it better for everyone. If you have employees who have asthma or other breathing problems, they will benefit as well.

Some experts believe that office plants can improve air quality—some others say not. Even if they don’t make a huge difference, the oxygen plants shut down and the carbon they absorb can’t hurt.

Open the windows for a cross air from time to time to let the fresh air circulate inside. Add an air purifier, change filters and dust regularly to remove dead skin cells and debris from your space.

6. Decline Space

A cluttered space makes working difficult for some people. Look at all the “stuff” in your office. If there’s something you haven’t used in the last month, store it or donate it. Getting rid of clutter can help make a space look larger.

Look at organizational systems to get things off the ground. Store things above and inside cabinets for a more streamlined look everyone can enjoy.

7. Add Some Personality

Think about the personality of your brand. Are you fun to love? You may want to add some interesting posters or quotes to decorate the space. Perhaps your company has a more serious, performance-based approach. Add motivational sayings throughout.

For example, some brands are known for being youthful, and they may use bright pops or colors and accent pieces that make the younger generation scream. Add what you love and gradually increase your overall decor.

take a step back

You’ve gone through the steps to create an attractive office space, take a step back and look at everything. Is something not working? What else can you change to make it better? Talk to your employees about their priorities and what they need to do their jobs efficiently. The best managed locations change over time and adapt to different trends.

Eleanor is the editor of Designerly Magazine. Eleanor was a creative director and occasional blog writer at a major digital marketing agency before becoming her own boss in 2018. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and dog, Bear.

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