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Women have played an important role in the workplace since the Industrial Revolution. However, according to successful businesswoman and former assistant district attorney Deanna DeVeney, women don’t always get the credit they deserve.

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A 2018 study by McKinsey & Company showed that women earn more bachelor’s degrees and hold the same number of jobs as men. Women account for 49 percent of the workforce and are integral to the success of many businesses. Deanna Deveney recently discussed eight reasons why businesses need women in the workplace.

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strong commercial success
1 reason businesses need women in the workplace is because studies show that hiring women can lead to greater financial success. Research on Fortune 500 companies showed that companies that had more women on their executive boards were financially better off than companies with fewer women. A business with 30 percent female leaders can expect a one percentage point higher margin than zero women on the board. Superior job satisfaction
Workplaces with gender balance are more satisfying for the men and women working there. Deanna DeVeney cites a recent study showing that companies with more women in the workforce showed better organizational dedication, job satisfaction, and employee engagement than others. They also showed lower rates of burnout. Increased creativity.
Creativity is essential to effective problem-solving and innovation. Women add creative perspective to companies, and this has been proven when women fill top management positions. One study showed that companies with leadership roles make 20 percent more patents than all-male teams. respect in the industry
Companies with women in leadership roles are respected in the business world. Fortune’s annual ranking of companies based on their corporate reputation shows that the most admired companies have twice as many women in senior management roles than the less respected companies. The business world is evolving, and leaders appreciate companies that value women in essential roles. Employee retention flourishes
Businessman Deanna DeVeney explained that employee retention is essential to a company’s success. Teams thrive when they work together for years, form bonds, and learn to work toward common goals. Companies with more women show better employee retention due to less gender discrimination and more pleasant work environments.
Employee surveys show that people who work in gender-diverse environments find their jobs more meaningful and create more opportunities. Gender-diverse jobs fit well with other areas of employees’ lives. When employees feel appreciated and make a difference, they are less likely to seek out new job opportunities. add female employee support
Women make more helpful bosses in business leadership roles. A recent study showed that men and women agree that their female bosses are more committed to helping employees develop their careers. Deanna DeVeney explained that businesses with female managers said they experienced less burnout and were more engaged in a study conducted by Gallup, an American analytics firm. This improved employee engagement is partly due to many women having more effective and desirable leadership styles. more diverse talent
Companies that prioritize gender diversity take advantage of the unique abilities and talents of women in the workplace. These unique capabilities can increase productivity and the overall success of a company. Organizations that do not promote gender diversity miss out on many of the talents that 50 percent of the population (women) provide. better customer reflection
Companies that only hire men, whether in leadership roles or in general employee positions, show their customers that they are only concerned about male welfare. This sits poorly with customers and cuts off about 50 percent of potential customers.
No matter the business, customers come from all different backgrounds, genders, ethnicities and more. The better the workplace represents its customers, the more successful it will be. In 2018, women spent about US$40 trillion worldwide. Women are highly influential in their own and others’ purchasing decisions, so these essential occupations represent this powerful gender.

Deanna Devaney and the Power of Women in the Workplace

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Ms. DeVeney advocates for women’s equality in the workplace and the positive impact women can have on the success of businesses.

DeVeney served as an Assistant District Attorney (ADA) in Middlesex, Massachusetts, and later entered the business world as a communications professional. He served as director of intergovernmental affairs and communications for the cities of Medford and Essex, Massachusetts. He managed a large department and handled all internal and external affairs.

Deveni’s success in her career and life inspired her to be a positive role model for countless women in the workplace. She hopes her success will inspire other inspired women to pursue their leadership goals.

Attorney and businesswoman Deanna DeVeney lists eight reasons businesses need women in the workplace.

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