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According to one, the toll of the hyper-infectious delta variant could have been severely reduced by more widespread vaccination. Analysis A study published Wednesday by the Kaiser Family Foundation estimated that 90,000 Covid-19 deaths among US adults between June and September 2021 could have been prevented by getting the shot.

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Of the 103,800 deaths in adults, about 91% were preventable during this four-month period, the health-focused nonprofit estimated using federal data on deaths, breakthrough infections and the efficacy of vaccines.

According to KFF, some 57,000 (or nearly three-quarters) of the preventable deaths occurred since the month of September, when Covid-19 became the second leading cause of death in the US, beating cancer, accidents and stroke.

Heart disease was the single leading cause of death during this particularly deadly month, which typically kills about 2,000 Americans each day, a number lagging behind fewer than 200 daily deaths from Covid-19.

Overall, the delta wave of the virus proved to be particularly deadly for young adults (people between the ages of 25 and 54), with more deaths in this age group in August and September than in any other month. KFF analysis shows.

Even for children, COVID-19 became the No. 7 leading cause of death in August and September for people aged 1 to 4 and No. 6 for those between 5 and 15 (this each group for was between 8 and 11. three months ago).

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“Covid-19 vaccines that are free, safe and highly effective are widely available to all adults in the US beginning May 2021,” the Kaiser Family Foundation stressed. “The overwhelming majority of Covid-19 hospitalizations and deaths are preventable.”

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While several states reported that the majority of people who were hospitalized or dead from Covid-19 during the brutal delta wave were not vaccinated against the virus, this analysis provides a more concrete and comprehensive look at just how much devastation could be caused. Is. was stopped. Despite the wide availability of vaccines in the US (unlike many other countries), only 57% of Americans have been fully vaccinated, while 65% have received at least one shot. tracker run by the new York Times. Nineteen states have yet to partially vaccinate 60% of their population and three—Idaho, West Virginia and Wyoming—are still below 50%.

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After months of skyrocketing cases, hospitalizations, and deaths following a summer and early fall, Covid-19 continues to decline in the US, with average daily cases falling from a peak of more than 175,000 in mid-September to just over 91,000 are gone. The number of hospitalizations has also dropped dramatically to 65,943 (the number was over 100,000 at the beginning of September) and deaths have dropped slightly to 1,938 per day.