A family feared that their cat was lost. Then the doorbell rang.

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When the Whitley family moved to a new neighborhood in Mastic Beach, New York, they had one big concern: Will their cat accommodate 8-year-old cat Lily?

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“I was really nervous about bringing her to a new area to see how she would react,” Stephanie Whitley told local news station PIX-11.

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Then his biggest fear came true. Lily disappeared.

Usually, the little gray outdoor kitty would come home at the end of the day, but when she didn’t return for four days, “I didn’t think Lily was coming home,” Whitley said.

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Just as he had given up hope of seeing Lily again, Whitley was awakened by his ring in the middle of the night. At first, they were shocked to receive a surprise visitor late. But when he saw the front door video feed on his Alexa device, anxiety turned to joy.

Lily was.

In the video, Lily holds her paws to the camera and meows a few times, alerting her family that she is at home.

“We were all gasping. We were laughing. We were emotional. We were crying. It was a great moment,” Whitley said.

A voice on the video says, “Oh my god, have you got a recording of this?”

Yes. Lily made sure of it.

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