A Love-Stretched Life (with Jilana Goble)

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I was so excited to do this podcast interview. Jilana and I have a lot of interactions and passions: she lived in Guatemala (where our little boy is!), she’s a foster mom, she’s adopted from foster care, she has teens, she lives with her birth mom. There is an ongoing relationship, and she has a special needs child.

We could talk for hours, but I limited myself to about 30 minutes for this episode – and it’s full of goodness! We take an in-depth look at what it looks like to parent a child with special needs, the challenges and blessings of living with birth parents of children we’ve raised and/or adopted, And how living a loving life has turned their world upside down in the most beautiful ways.

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Whether you are a foster parent or an adoptive parent or a parent of a child with special needs or your life looks completely different, I love that you share your passion for the people you love. Hearts will resonate with those who need love and moving the most. Accompany them without criticism or condemnation but with compassion.

in this episode

[02:05] Jilana introduced herself and her unique family.

[03:18] – Why did Jilana raise children before biologically having children?

[06:33] – What was her mindset before she started parenting?

[09:11] – An honest discussion on birth parents.

[13:31] – Parents with children in foster care often had children in foster care themselves.

[15:06] – If you are not called to foster, Jilana offers advice on how to move in with other foster parents.

[16:50] – Hear about being welcoming but with limitations.

[19:52] It’s like parenting a child with special needs.

[29:52] – The beauty of interdependence.

[31:22] – What does a love-extended life look like?

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