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Press release.

KyotoSwap.io Binance is the first decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Smart Chain that allows anyone to make verifiable positive impact at little or no cost. As a result, decentralized finance (DeFi) users can passively contribute to fighting climate change.

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First regenerative finance DEX on BSC to tackle climate change

The empowering movement of regenerative finance (ReFi) has created a thriving subsector within DeFi, which continues to snowball in popularity despite the recent crypto winter. In essence, regenerative finance encompasses actions that have a positive impact on circular or modular economies as well as tackling other issues related to global warming and climate change. The adoption of blockchain technology and DeFi has spawned a movement where WEB3 communities innovate unique approaches to fighting climate change while creating economic opportunities.

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passively become carbon neutral

As a secure Automated Market Maker (AMM) on the Binance Smart Chain, KyotoSwap.io allows users to trade in an Permissionless yet secure environment. KyotoSwap.io is governed by the Kyoto Swap token ($KSWAP), which can be farmed, providing liquidity. Earned KyotoSwap tokens can be staked to earn a share of the platform’s profits, or exchanged to plant trees in real time. Trees have been planted through VeriTree and the impact has been recorded on the Kyoto Swap impact leaderboard. Kyoto Swap’s unique modular economy enables users to passively become carbon neutral.

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KyotoProtocol.io Has One of the Largest ReFi Communities on the Binance Smart Chain

Kyoto Swap.io has been founded and incubated by the Kyotoprotocol.io Foundation as its ReFi focused as an alternative to other decentralized exchanges. Initially launched as a DEX for the Binance Smart Chain DeFi protocol, Kyoto Swap will become multi-chain, with contracts running on the Kyoto blockchain – a world first. carbon-negative blockchain by design. Unlike most decentralized exchanges that rely on achieving utility before the end of the Farm Token runway, $KSWAP holders can have peace of mind knowing that utility Kyoto is safe to swap.

Join the ReFi revolution- kyotoprotocol.io

Do business and make a positive impact kyotoswap.io

About Kyoto swap Kyoto Swap.io is a decentralized exchange focused on making a recordable and verifiable positive impact on our planet in an effort to fight climate change and global warming. Incubated and supported by Kyoto Ecosystem and KyotoProtocol.io.

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