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Aaron Rodgers’ pinky toe sparked debate on Wednesday after Green Bay Packers quarterback provided conflicting details about a points injury The Pat McAfee Show On Tuesday, speaking vaguely about a “bone problem” before saying “Covid toe”, which affects the skin, after the week it was revealed He had not been vaccinated and had tested positive for Covid-19.

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Rodgers was worried about him Injury, which caused him trouble during last Sunday’s game, saying he was “leading people to understand” that “there must be some kind of bone problem” and that the problem was indicated by his pinky toe. was with.

He said the injury is “not going away” and that he will be dealing with it “at least for the next few weeks”.

He said that when it comes to treatment “all the options on the table” including surgery and rest, but he would not consider sitting out.

At one point, Rodgers confirmed he had a “Covid toe,” leading McAfee to tell a joke “We did, we got the fucking answer!”

As sb nation Rodgers was told, however, that the toe was “not a bone issue and would not require surgery”, despite earlier remarks from Rodgers.

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