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Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who has been isolated after contracting Covid-19, said on Tuesday that he took “full responsibility” for earlier misleading statements about his vaccination status, but he was not happy with his comments. With COVID-19 expressing doubts about the vaccine that ignited a storm of criticism last week.

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“I misled some people about my status, for which I take full responsibility,” Rodgers said on Tuesday The Pat McAfee Show, the same radio show on which he made baseless claims about the Kovid-19 vaccine Last week,

Rodgers appears to be referring to a statement he made in August when a reporter asked him if he had been vaccinated, he replied, “Yes, I am immunised,” although when the news broke last week that he had contracted the virus, it was then revealed that he was in fact unrelated.

Rodgers did not explicitly or directly address the statements he made Friday about his skepticism of the vaccine, saying “I stand by what I said and the reasons I made the decision”.

Rodgers reiterated his Friday statements about seeking the advice of his personal medical team when deciding whether to vaccinate for COVID-19, saying on Tuesday, “I made a decision based on consultation with my doctors. Was in the best interest of … Not everyone’s I would consider it necessary, but I respect everyone’s opinion.”

Rodgers enlists podcast host Joe Rogan, who has been a proponent of the unproven drug ivermectin (Joe Rodgers). Confirmed He’s taking) as an alternative to the vaccine, as one of the friends he consulted with when deciding whether to stay without vaccination—”I have a lot of admiration for Joe,” They said.

Food and Drug Administration They say There is no evidence that ivermectin is effective against COVID-19, and it has not been authorized or approved as a preventive or treatment for the virus, saying it is dangerous to take in large amounts.


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