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On the heels of a request from Adele to release her latest album on Friday, Spotify removed the ability to skip songs out of order as a main option when listening to any album, a major change for the streaming service that allows artists appears to benefit the listeners instead.

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Adele on Saturday tweeted that the musicians “make albums with so much care and consideration in our track list” and that their “stories should be heard according to our intent” and the removal of the shuffle option was their “only request” to Spotify as their album 30 was issued.

Spotify replied Tweet with: “Anything for you”

Although the shuffle button no longer appears on any album page on the platform, it does appear when listening to individual songs on the album.

Shuffle is still available as a main option on individual playlists, including the listener’s “Favored Songs” library.

Spotify hasn’t responded yet Businesshala’ Comment request.


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