AI-based recruiting startup Sapia raises $17M in Series A

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Recruitment and talent analytics startup, formerly PredictiveHire, has raised $17 million in Series A.

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The round was led by Macquarie Capital and W23, the venture capital arm of Woolworths Group. Capital has been earmarked for continued expansion overseas, including making the platform available in multiple languages.

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Sapia’s artificial intelligence-powered automation platform centered around a blind, untimed and asynchronous chat interview transforms the speed and quality of hire by removing favoritism from the hiring process.

Founder and CEO Barb Hyman stated that Sapia’s mission is to “make equity a reality in the workplace.”

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“Our customers are seeing extraordinary results – and are seeing them fast,” she said.

“We provide them with data and insights that let them track fairness and bias in their decisions throughout the employment journey. I am excited that Macquarie and Woolworths are investing in our technology – it is an incredible validation for my team Joe has been committed to our mission since the beginning and we can’t wait to open our technology to new markets.

The Melbourne-based global company has seen its client base more than double over the past year.

Dan Phillips, VC cofounder of Macquarie Capital, said his team was impressed and excited by how Sepia is using AI to provide companies with a better way to approach and solve for diversity and inclusion.

“We’ve all been talking about the value of diversity for a while now, but many companies are still unwilling to make a real difference. This is mainly because we fail to acknowledge our human biases,” They said.

“Sapia’s Smart Chat Interviewer has redefined an unbiased recruitment process. It’s blind, it’s efficient, and it’s supported by valid, peer-reviewed science.”

Woolworths has been using for recruitment for 12 months and W23 Managing Director Ingrid Maes said the program had helped reshape the group’s recruitment process and the experience of candidates applying for roles. improved.

“The Woolworths Group is always recruiting and we see thousands of applications processed annually across our supermarket business. This new technology positively impacts bias during the recruitment process,” she said.

“Not only does this provide a flexible platform for our recruiting teams, we are truly pleased with the experience our applicants are having throughout the process that we strive to ultimately deliver recruiting and equality results.”

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