AIAB Names Petco Corporate Partner

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March 14, 2023

Wharton AI & Analytics for Business (AIAB) welcomes Petco as its new Corporate Partner.

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“We are thrilled to welcome Petco as our new corporate partner. In our first project, we are working with the Petco Customer Analytics team on how to motivate customers to come back to brick and mortar stores and invest in customer retention, which is fundamentally a customer-centric problem. Students will get first-hand experience working with a customer-centric agile retailer, and I know That Petco will benefit from the innovation of student data and analytics exploration.

Petco is an industry leading health and wellness company focused on improving the lives of pets, pet parents and our partners. AIAB will be involved in two student-driven projects with Petco during its two-year partnership. The focus of the first project is on understanding what drives the frequency of in-store transactions and purchases among Petco customers.

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The renowned Corporate Partner Program at AIAB provides Petco with faculty, staff and students the opportunity to tackle business analytics problems, engage in research and thought leadership, and prepare the next generation of data-driven decision makers. This spring, Petco will participate in AIAB’s flagship event, the Analytics Accelerator, where a team of Penn and Wharton students will identify which business model levers Petco needs to invest more money in to increase and retain customer retention. should do.

“We are excited to partner with Wharton’s prestigious AI and Analytics program to mutually solve some of the most interesting use cases facing us today. Customer Analytics team through a world-class personalized health and wellness experience is on a data driven mission to inspire and lead pet parents. The fresh perspectives the talented students at Wharton will bring will be invaluable” – Rakesh Srinivasan, CDAO and Head of Consumer Tech at Petco.

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About AI and Analytics for Business

Wharton AI & Analytics for Business is a leading academic research center focused on providing business leaders of tomorrow with an understanding of where and how AI and analytics can be applied to transform and innovate business enterprises Go AIAB’s research applies artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to transform and innovate business enterprises and supports AI applications in academic disciplines that include human-AI collaboration.

about petco

Petco is a category-defining health and wellness company focused on improving the lives of pets, pet parents and our own Petco partners. Since our founding in 1965, we’ve been pioneering new standards in pet care, providing comprehensive wellness solutions through our products and services, and building communities that love pet moms. Deepens the father-father bond. We operate more than 1,500 Petco locations throughout the United States, Mexico and Puerto Rico, including a growing network of more than 100 in-store veterinary hospitals, and a one-stop shop for pet health and wellness on and the Petco app. Provide complete online resources. ,


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