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Alex Murdoff was Found guilty The South Carolina attorney has already been charged with conspiracy to commit his own murder — more than two dozen counts of financial crimes — for allegedly defrauding clients and their former homeowners and laundering nearly $5 million in money. Add.

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A South Carolina Grand Jury issued Five indictments on Friday charged Murdow with a total of 27 counts, including breach of trust with money laundering, fraudulent intent and forgery, alleging that he “defrauded victims and then moved to South Carolina, the South Carolina Attorney General’s Office.” The office laundered $4,853,488.09″ in various schemes in five counties. said.

In the charges against Murdo A. has been accused of defrauding millions of dollars from a settlement for the wrongful death trial of his former homeowner, Gloria Satterfield, and Solid A former highway patrolman who was injured in the line of duty for signing a settlement check to his law firm, allegedly telling the patrol to pay money “until his trial ends.” cannot be distributed.”

Satterfield family attorneys Eric Bland and Ronnie Richter said in a statement Businesshala That Friday’s indictments are in relation to alleged crimes committed against the Satterfield family, called them “long pending and appropriately brought”.

Prosecutors also alleged that Murdog acquired more than $338,000 for one Customer Before that in October 2015 he had raised $70,000 . theft of Check A year later for a different client, and instead of following regular practices, according to three indictments, an attorney at another law firm was asked to “personally write a check for $192,000 for Murdoff’s share of the legal fees”. assured to

Murdog, 53, is already facing charges of allegedly taking money out of the Satterfield settlement, and for allegedly hiring a former client to kill him so that his son can buy his $10 million life insurance policy. be able to collect

A lawyer for Murdoff did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Businesshala,

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