Amanda Gorman welcomes 2022 with a new poem, ‘New Day’s Lyric’

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NEW YORK (AP) — Amanda Gorman is ending her extraordinary year with a hopeful one.

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The 23-year-old poet, whose reading of himself “The Hill We Climb” at the inauguration of President Joe Biden made him an international sensation, posted a new work and accompanying piece on Instagram on Wednesday to mark the end of 2021. Video posted. “The Song of the New Day” is a five-stanza, 48-line resolution with themes of struggle and healing known to fans of “The Hill We Climb” and her bestselling collection “Call Us What We Carry”, due out in early December. appeared in:

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“Who was cursed, we will heal.

Whoever was afflicted, we shall be proved holy.

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Where we argue, we will try to agree,

The fates we promised, the future we see now,

Where we were not aware, now we are awake;

the moments we missed

Do we make this moment now,

the moments we meet,

And our hearts, once all beat together,

Now everyone will beat together.”

The poets rarely enjoy the kind of attention Gorman received in 2021, but in an email to The Associated Press he reflected less on his success than the state of the country. Gorman wrote that the “chaos and instability” of the previous year had made him reject the idea of ​​”going back to normal” and instead struggled to “move on from it”. He referred to Maya Angelou’s poem “The Human Family” and said, “To be a family, a country, it is not necessary that we be alike or agree on everything, only that we see the best in each other and move forward.” Keep trying to grow. Forward into a shared future. Whether we like it or not, we are in this together.”

Asked what inspired “New Day’s song”, Gorman told the AP that she wanted to write a song “honoring the hardships, hurt, hope and healing of 2021 while harping on the potential of 2022.” “

“It’s such a unique New Year’s Day, because even though we toast our glasses to the future, we still have our heads bowed for what has been lost,” she wrote. “I think one of the most important things the new year reminds us is that old saying: This too shall pass. You can’t live the same day twice – meaning every morning is a new morning, and Every year is an opportunity to step into the light.”

In his Instagram post, Gorman urged readers to donate money to the International Rescue Committee ( to help those affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Instagram’s parent company Meta has pledged $50,000.


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