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Amazon is trying to get its employees back to the workplace by 2022, but with so many offices around the world, they’re leaving that decision up to individual teams and their managers.

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CEO Andy Jassi wrote messages to employees Grateful for their work during the pandemic. It has been an unprecedented time for thousands of workers, many of whom have increased their online orders while working from home.

“It hasn’t been easy and everything hasn’t gone perfectly, but the impact of helping you tackle this imbalance on the lives of consumers, vendors, developers, enterprises, creators and brands has been remarkable,” wrote Jassi.

Originally, the company’s goal was to have employees back in the office by September 2021, but that date was pushed back to January 2022, with at least three days a week expected to work in person.

But, as Amazon has teams around the world, Jassi said there won’t be a one-size-fits-all approach to returning to the office.

Instead, the decision will be left to those teams. Jassi expects that some teams will continue to work remotely, others may be both remote and in-person, and others may still choose to work mostly in person. Amazon leadership tells employees to stay close enough to its core team that they can travel to the office for an in-person meeting within one day’s notice.

To sweeten the deal, Amazon will allow up to four weeks of remote work in the office for teams.

“We also know that many people have found the ability to work remotely for a few weeks from a different location is inspiring and re-energizing,” Jassi wrote. “We want to support this flexibility and will continue to offer corporate employees who can work effectively away from the office, with the option to work up to four weeks per year from any location within your country of employment. Totally far away.”

Jassi said the leadership would try to make a specific plan to return to office before January 3.

Thousands of Amazon employees have not been able to leave office, including fulfillment center employees, Amazon store or data center employees. Jassi says his “passion, commitment and relentless dedication” are greatly appreciated.

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