American Airlines canceled more than 350 flights on Monday, as the staffing crisis continued to disrupt operations for a fourth day.

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American dropped more than 1,000 flights — more than a third of its schedule — on Sunday, according to flight tracking service, FlightAware.

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Internal airline data showed that nearly two-thirds of Sunday’s cancellations were due to flight attendants shortages, but the rest of the cancellations were due to pilot shortages. The Associated Press informed of.

Several flight attendants said they reached their maximum allowed hours for October at the end of the month, leaving flights without adequate cabin crew.

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During the height of the pandemic, American, like many other airlines, suggested airline workers quit and receive unemployment employment benefits. Still, air travel resumed faster than expected this year, leading to staff shortages at airline corporations.

Paul Hartshorne Jr., a spokesman for the union representing American flight attendants, said: “Flight attendant staff in American remains tense and reflects what is happening in the industry as we continue to tackle issues related to the pandemic.”

Other domestic airlines are struggling to get off the ground following the pandemic for a variety of reasons, with the most controversial being the corporate decision on vaccine mandates.

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American’s troubles began on Thursday and Friday, when strong winds curtailed flights at its busiest hub, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). According to FlightAware, American was unable to position pilots and flight attendants for upcoming flights, which led to about 1,900 cancellations nationwide from Friday to Sunday.

The airline’s chief operating officer David Seymour said over the weekend that help was on the way. He said about 1,800 flight attendants are coming back from vacation since Monday, and more are being hired by the end of the year. He said the airline is also hiring pilots and reservation agents.

American continued to blame the cancellations on last week’s weather after strong winds stopped in Texas, and it didn’t sit well with some longtime customers.

Craig Beam, who works in real estate, said, “The whole season thing bothers me because that’s how they get out of financial responsibility. I feel sorry for the people who are stuck somewhere and (Americans) take them to the hotel.” Will not give vouchers.” For health care companies. “It’s clear to me that they have staffing issues.”

Beam’s first flight from his Southern California home to a business conference in Dallas was canceled on Sunday. His rebooked flight finally reached DFW airport at midnight on Sunday.