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The arrival of the Omicron version of the coronavirus is unlikely to affect people’s everyday behavior, a new Axios/Ipsos vote finds, as relatively few respondents said they were planning to make changes such as not eating indoors or canceling vacation plans on the variant because the new strain is still unclear.

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Nearly everyone (94%) surveyed had heard of the Omicron type – although 47% knew nothing about it – and 71% of those aware of the type are at least somewhat concerned. And 37% are very or extremely worried. , conducted December 3-6 among 1,021 US adults.

A 62% majority are now more likely to wear a mask at all times when indoors and in public, compared to 36% who said they wear a mask all the time. Asked November 19-22 and 30% who wore it only occasionally.

Only 33% said they would stop eating indoors because of Omicron, and 28% said they would stop gathering with people outside their home.

The variant is unlikely to affect vacationers, as only 23% said they would cancel their holiday travel plans because of Omicron.

While Omicron has prompted some companies like Google to postpone their return to office plans, only 13% of employed respondents said the version would deter them from going to an office or place of employment.

The majority of respondents support mask mandates to prevent the spread of the variant – 69% of local businesses require masks and 65% support local government mandates – but only 35% support temporary measures to slow transmission. Will support lockdown measures.

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