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According to a new Axios-Ipsos, Americans are less optimistic that they can return to their “normal” lives than they were earlier this year. vote, after a summer of new pandemic restrictions amid rising Covid-19 infections, record-high deaths and overwhelmed hospitals.

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According to Axios-Ipsos, three in 10 Americans think it will take more than a year for life to return to “normal” pre-pandemic. vote Of the 1,015 Americans held between October 8-11.

This is more than triple the proportion when the question was voted in June, where just 9% thought it would take more than a year for life to return to normal.

Other metrics display a similar, though less dramatic, drop in optimism and a shift toward the longer time scales by which people think life will return to normal.

Nearly a quarter (24%) think life will return to normal within a year, up five points from June, while now just 13% think it will happen within the next 1-6 months, nearly a third of the number in June. I will answer it. (36%).

One in ten (10%) think life will never be back to normal – three points up from June (7%) – and fewer (22%) say they are already than June (28%) have returned to their pre-pandemic life. )

Although many report feeling “normal”, the survey found that most people do everyday activities such as visiting friends or relatives (58%), going to non-grocery retail stores (60%) and eating out at restaurants (55%). %) We do. In the last week, some of the highest figures since voting began in March 2020.

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The proportion of people believing life will never return to normal in October is 10%, the second highest recorded since voting began in January 2021. The highest, 11%, was recorded in mid-February and the figure has generally oscillated between a low of 5% (mid-March and mid-May 2021) and a low of 8%. Although down from the high in June, 22% believe life has already returned to normal, this is also the second highest figure ever recorded for that question.

main background

While Americans may be less optimistic about life returning to normal than in the summer, polling and data indicate a mixed return to “normal” activities. In addition to returning to restaurants and visiting friends and family, online bookings for domestic travel, which were close to pre-pandemic levels, are falling and polling shows that more than half of Americans are responsible for major outbreaks. Will postpone or cancel trips to experiencing areas. Vaccination is an important factor in many people’s return to normalcy. One survey found that half of Americans are concerned about spending time with unvaccinated friends and family and that vaccinations are now a necessity for many jobs across the country.

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