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Auction house Sotheby’s says a rare silkscreen painting by Andy Warhol, one of his most important series, is expected to sell for more than $80 million when it goes to auction for the first time in 35 years.

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“White Disaster (White Car Crashes 19 Times),”, which features repeated images of a contrasting automobile after a major collision, is from Warhol’s 1960 Death and Disaster series, in which the artist used a series of techniques to explore the dark theme. Bar had used silkscreen of graphic images.

The painting by Sotheby’s is estimated to be worth more than $80 million when it goes up for sale on November 16, but David Galperin, head of the auction house for contemporary art in New York, pointed out Forbes That with the work of “this quality and rarity and immense visual power, the sky’s the limit”.

The last time the painting was auctioned was in 1987, it sold at Christie’s for $650,000, although it has since been resold privately.

The work is directly related to “Warhol’s”Silver Car Crash 2 (Dual Disaster)“A piece from the same series that sold at Sotheby’s in 2013 for $105.4 million and was the most valuable Warhol work to ever sell at auction until earlier this year (both pieces use the same car crash image and were created in the same year). Had gone).

Galperin stated that pieces from the Warhol’s Death and Disaster series are among the most desirable among art collectors, noting that in the past 15 years, only two large-scale works from the series have come to auction and they both set new artist records. .

Only three major works within the series include this distinctive car crash image, Galperin said—the painting up for auction next month, the record-breaking work that sold in 2013, and One Piece in Museum of Modern ArtCollections in New York—Creating a “once-in-a-generation” shopping opportunity for private collections.

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The work will go on public display for the first time in 15 years starting November 4 as part of a pre-sale exhibition at Sotheby's Gallery in New York.

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$195 million. Marilyn Monroe's Warhol portrait sold so much in May. Not only was it Warhol's most expensive piece to sell at auction, but it also set the record for the most valuable painting of an American artist and the 20th century. Dealer Larry Gagosian bought the painting, but it is unclear whether he did so for himself or on behalf of one of his billionaire clients.

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Monroe's portrait was sold as part of a large auction of the private collection of Swiss art dealer Thomas Ammann, a friend of Warhol's. Galperin reported that Amman also sold "White Disaster (White Car Crash 19 Times)" to its current owner in 1996. Forbes,

main background

Warhol is established in both art history and the art market as one of the most important artists of the 20th century. There has been a resurgence of interest in the late artist, more than three centuries after his death in 1987, with a record-breaking Monroe portrait. The Brooklyn Museum put on an exhibit last year examining the links between Warhol's work and his strong Catholic faith. , Earlier this year, Netflix premiered a documentary based on Warhol's memoirs, titled Andy Warhol Diaries, and at least three phase productions featuring Warhol have opened in New York and London this year. The Supreme Court is hearing a copyright case that relates to a print Created based on a photo of the Warhol singer Prince.

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