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Apple CEO Tim Cook told employees in an email on Thursday that the company is beginning its planned “hybrid work pilot” back on Feb. NBC News Reportedly, the latest delay in returning to the office for the tech behemoth, which has affected remote work more than other large corporations.

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According to NBC, Cook said Apple workers would be asked to work individually once or twice a week for the first month, including Monday, Tuesday, before implementing a “hybrid work plan” in March. “Most of the workers” coming to and Thursday.

Apple has delayed its in-person return plans several times, most recently in August when it announced that employees would not be required to return to offices until January at the earliest due to concerns about the delta version of the coronavirus. .

many workers pushed back Corporate employees to be able to continue working full-time remotely, with some petitions against plans to go back to their offices only for a few days a week.

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