Apple denies plans to buy football club Manchester United

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Apple denies plans to buy football club Manchester United

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Tech giant Apple has denied that it is working on plans to buy English premier club Manchester United. Apple said it was only interested in buying the popular football club’s digital content. Man U’s current owners, the Glazers, have reportedly made it clear that they are putting the club up for sale, following rumors in the media about Apple’s tentative interest in buying Manchester United. The rumored sale to Man Utd comes at a time when the club is struggling to counter the dominance of neighbors Manchester City in the Premier League. Man Yu has not won a major title since 2012, becoming a shadow of its glorious past.


Elon Musk announces amnesty for suspended Twitter accounts

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Elon Musk has made another sweeping decision based on online popular polls. His latest decision is to give amnesty to suspended Twitter accounts, which means these accounts will be reinstated soon. In an online poll conducted by Musk, the tech billionaire asked Twitter users whether the microblogging platform should offer a general amnesty for suspended accounts. The vote proved to be one-sided, with approximately 72% of participants voting ‘yes’. However, online safety experts have warned that Musk’s latest decision could lead to sporadic increases in hate speech, abuse and fake news across the platform.


India’s AIIMS hospital hit by ransomware attack

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India’s premier hospital AIIMS or All India Institute of Management Studies has reported a massive cyber attack on its critical systems. According to media reports, important information like admission, billing, discharge, appointment of AIIMS patients has been compromised through this attack. It is still unclear whether the hackers were able to access patients’ credit card and other financial details. While the Indian government has not yet shed light on the alleged preparations, it is widely suspected that Chinese hackers are behind the attack. The ransomware attack comes at a time when AIIMS announced that it will go completely paperless and digitize its services.


iPhone production could drop up to 30% due to Foxconn labor voice

The ongoing labor unrest at Foxconn’s factory in China’s Zhengzhou region could lead to a drop of at least 30% in the production of the newly launched iPhone 14. However, this estimate is only for the months of October and November. But experts believe the labor unrest at the Zhengzhou factory is likely to prolong for a few months, meaning the decline in iPhone production is likely to extend beyond November. Concerned about declining iPhone production, local Communist officials in the Zhengzhou region have called in military veterans to fill the labor shortage at the Foxconn factory. The Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou is responsible for about 70% of iPhone production in the global market.


Meta issues privacy updates for teens

Meta has released new privacy updates for Facebook and Instagram with the aim of making these platforms more secure and safe for teens. The new privacy update will limit the ability of suspicious adults to message teens on Instagram and Facebook. This new privacy setting will be enabled by default for any teen who is under the age of 16 signing up for a new account. For existing users, Facebook and Instagram encourage them to change or use these settings. Both the Meta-owned platforms have faced repeated criticism and even a congressional investigation for promoting toxic behavior among teens.

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