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Apple stock rose 2.51% to $157.34 as of 1:35 EDT on Thursday, after the release of one, nearing its all-time high of $157.87. Businesshala report good Which provided the most detailed information about its secret and much-anticipated electric vehicle program.

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Businesshala, citing several anonymous sources, informed of Apple is shifting its automotive focus to build the “holy grail” of cars: fully electric, fully autonomous vehicles.

Apple is now also targeting a 2025 release date for those vehicles, which is much beyond previously expected timeline, according to report good,

Businesshala also included description Among the specifications for Apple’s cars, “no steering wheel and pedals” and seamless integration across many of the company’s devices, including an “iPad-like” touchscreen.

Apple has “completed most of the core work” on the processing chips needed to make self-driving vehicles function, according to Businesshala, represents another significant win for Apple as it expands its internal chip-making capabilities.

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