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Border Patrol agents made less than 160,000 arrests at the US-Mexico border in October, the smallest monthly figure since February, although border concerns were well above their pre-2021 levels after a sharp increase earlier this year. Huh.

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Total Border Patrol arrests on the southern border fell to 158,575 in October, a 14.5% drop from September, the biggest one-month decrease since spring 2020. statistics Issued on Monday by Customs and Border Protection.

Despite this shortcoming, the Border Patrol still recorded its biggest arrest for the month of October. at least 20 years, including October of 2020 (69,032) and 2019 (35,402).

About 66% of the arrests in the past month involved single adults, 26% were in families with children and 8% were children alone.

About 58% of those arrested last month were swiftly deported from the United States via Title 42, a controversial pandemic-era policy under which migrants are often back on the other side At the US-Mexico border in a few hours.

More than 70% of those arrested were from Mexico or the “Northern Triangle” of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, but a smaller number were citizens of Venezuela (13,385), Nicaragua (9,208), Brazil (7,892) or Cuba (5,851).

Less than 1,000 Haitian citizens were arrested in September, down from a record-breaking 17,594 in September, after thousands of Haitian migrants crossed the border into Texas and stayed in a makeshift camp under a bridge. led the Biden administration. Back to Haiti in a few days.

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