Artificial Intelligence in 2022: Prospects and Trends

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2022 is expected to be a decisive year for technology and, in particular, for artificial intelligence (AI). In fact, the next steps towards increased digitization, improved virtual reality and automation all rely on a future guided by artificial intelligence.

To say that AI is crucial for all technological advances may seem bold, but it is undeniable that the entire development of new technologies hinges on it. In 2022, this tool will be an integral part of the evolution of businesses and consumer habits. Join us as we go over some of the biggest AI trends in 2022.

5G Combined with AI

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5G is already available in several countries; however, its true power is yet to be witnessed. The major adoption of this technology is expected to revolutionize connectivity.

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For businesses, this new connectivity will represent significant advances, especially when most purchases are made using mobile devices. When combined with artificial intelligence, 5G will contribute to more trustworthy and improved interactions. Every step of the customer/user’s journey will be improved, and it will be possible to deal with and solve problems even before they come to fruition.

In addition, it is also expected that 5G, with the help of AI, will revolutionize digital entertainment, making streaming and online gaming faster and more reliable. In fact, when it comes to gaming, 5G has the potential to fix issues related to lag and improve mobile gaming. For instance, online casinos are expected to heavily benefit from 5G as popular slot games with features and bonus rounds the action bank slot, which are demanding on connectivity, will be more accessible and safer to play. In short, gamblers will experience a new and improved gaming experience, especially those who enjoy taking part in the more demanding types like live casino games and slots.

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Improved User Journey 

Another important issue tackled by artificial intelligence is the customization of services. This is an important step towards consumer empowerment and autonomy and offers significant contributions to the field of consumption analytics. Increasing the number of personalized interactions between companies and their customers will be a turning point for e-commerce and online services. In this sense, AI is detrimental to these changes. For instance, there is already software programmed with semantic engines that can improve the accuracy of search results by understanding the terms used and the users’ intention.

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Omnichannel Strategy 

Omnichannel strategies are one of the most advanced communication approaches in modern businesses. However, they were only possible due to artificial intelligence. Multiplying the communication channels has allowed customers to easily contact companies and online retailers. This was only possible through the development of sophisticated automatic services that can solve minor issues and even respond to clients’ queries. In fact, recent data shows that over 70% of users under 30 years old are open to receiving help from an AI when choosing to buy a product or service.

This same behavior also applies to automatic services, such as chatbots. In fact, studies indicate that these services are increasingly becoming more accepted in e-commerce. However, to perfect this service it is necessary to invest more in the improvement of AI that can offer more human-like responses and can adapt to all types of language.  Ultimately, the main trends in AI are all related to the need to provide a fast, reliable and personalized service. Businesses that can adopt these new technologies and invest in customer services will benefit the most

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