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Travis Scott Spokesperson said On Friday, the rapper did not have the authority to stop his performance during the Astroworld festival, as Houston police, fire officials, and Scott trade blame over who was responsible for stopping the concert after it turned fatal.

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Stephanie Rollings-Blake, former Baltimore mayor and Scott’s spokesperson, said CBS’s idea in an interview that Scott could have stopped the Astroworld festival was “ridiculous”.

She cited a 59-page operating plan for the event which states that the only two people who have the authority to stop the concert are the executive producer and the concert producer.

“He wants to be responsible for the solution,” Rollings-Blake said, adding that the rapper is looking for ways to prevent something like this from happening again.

Rollings-Blake also addressed reports that Scott attended a party at Dave and Buster’s restaurant, saying that he was meant to “regroup” with his team and that he was not aware that a tragedy occurred for “hours and hours” after the concert. Was.

She said it was Scott’s own team that informed her of the unfolding tragedy that left nine people dead, adding that she “has not stopped mourning for these families.”

The comments come amid public outcry over the safety of the incident and questions about who is responsible, with Houston police and fire officials saying Scott or the production team should have called off the show.

Live Nation did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Businesshala,


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