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The attorney generals of at least 11 states announced Thursday that they are investigating Instagram’s effects on children and teens, and whether Instagram’s parent company Facebook, or Meta, has found any evidence suggesting the app is potentially harmful. The law is broken after ignoring internal research.

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attorney general from New York, Connecticut, California, Florida, Kentucky, Massachusetts, nebraska, new jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Vermont said the investigation would look into whether Facebook “violated state consumer protection laws” and “put the public at risk” by promoting and providing the app to people under the age of 18. in spite of being aware of its negative impact on them.

A Facebook internal study on the effects of Instagram on teen mental health found that Instagram worsened “body image issues” for “one in three teenage girls,” with 20% of teens telling the app about themselves. Blamed for feeling bad and 6% of teens trace suicidal thoughts back to the app.

According to the attorney general, the investigation will focus on “techniques” that Facebook allegedly used to “increase the frequency and duration” that children and teens use the app and how they were affected by repeated use of the app. There are.

Facebook said in a statement that the investigation demonstrates a “deep misunderstanding of the facts” and that the company will introduce new measures to help people deal with “negative social comparisons or body image issues” and “parental supervision controls.” building facilities.

The company also said it was “exploring ways” to give teens an “even more age-appropriate experience.”


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