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A small plane crashed in a residential area north of San Diego on Monday, killing at least two people and causing serious damage to several homes.

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A small twin-engine Cessna C340 crashed near San Diego just after 12 p.m. local time on Monday, the Federal Aviation Administration said. Businesshalarammed two houses and a delivery truck in the suburban town of Santi, city ​​tweeted.

City They say This led to the identification of at least two people killed at the crash site, and two people being brought to a nearby hospital.

The FAA said it was not clear how many passengers were on the plane, but Justin Matsushita, deputy chief of the Santi fire department, told Many Media shops The accident was potentially “non-survivable” for anyone on board.

local tv station NBC San Diego And Fox 5 Captured footage of several houses that suffered heavy damage from the accident.

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“Not to be too graphic, but it’s a very brutal scene,” Matsushita told reporters, The Associated Press and CNN.

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The FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating the accident, both agencies confirmed. Businesshala.

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The accident happened several blocks from the high school, but the students are safe, the school tweeted.