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Author Margaret Atwood—whose 1985 novel story of maid Imagines a dystopian US where women are enslaved and forced to give birth—the book uses a fireproof version of his best-selling novel to benefit efforts to protest the perceived escalation of censorship. Announced a special auction.

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copy Of story of maid Printed on flame-retardant paper and bound with a flame-retardant cover, sewn together with nickel wire and plated with woven stainless steel head and tail bands, making the book The strongest parts of the U.S. are stabilized against heat up to 2790 degrees Fahrenheit, auction house Sotheby’s said.

In a video released Monday evening by publisher Penguin Random House, Atwood, 82, is shown using a flamethrower On the book to show that it doesn’t burn.

The book went up for auction late Monday, and is expected to sell for between $50,000 and $10,000, and by Tuesday morning, has reached the highest bid $40,000,

all proceeds will go towards pen americaA non-profit organization that works to protect freedom of speech.