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Novak Djokovic’s Australian visa was revoked for the second time on Friday as the country’s immigration minister, Alex Hawke, decided to use his special discretionary powers to do so, in a decision that saw a federal court overturn the Australian Border Force’s decision. The cancellation decision was reversed. Tennis star visa.

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Announcing the cancellation, Hawke said the decision to revoke the visa was on the grounds of health and good order and “on the grounds that it was in the public interest to do so.”

Hawke said he carefully considered information provided by the Home Office, the Australian Border Force and Djokovic before making a decision.

While Djokovic would be able to challenge this decision in court, winning such a case would be more difficult because the powers vested on the immigration minister on revoking visas are too broad.

Under Section 133C(3) of the country’s Migration Act, a minister can revoke a person’s visa if the holder, among other things, poses a risk to the “health, safety or good order” of Australians.


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