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Two Australian teenagers were charged on Tuesday with “allegedly intentional killing” of 14 kangaroos over the weekend in New South Wales, according to multiple reports, a shocking and unusual crime against a beloved group of animals that has killed the local community. shook it.

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Bateman Bay police were called on Saturday after five adult kangaroos and a joey or baby kangaroo were found dead; Soon after, seven more adults and a joey were discovered in another area, CNN informed of.

A joey was found alive but injured and has since been named Hope and cared for by WIRES Wildlife, a local animal organization, according to a tweet from group.

On Monday, two 17-year-old boys, who were not identified, were arrested in connection with the murders, and on Tuesday they were charged with brutally thrashing and killing animals, according to a local outlet. 7 News.

The animals were reportedly hauled down along with the vehicles, the outlet reported.

If convicted of animal cruelty, offenders could face up to five years in prison and a $22,000, or $15,000 fine. NS BBC.

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“This act of horrific cruelty is unconscionable and unforgivable, and the suffering endured by these kangaroos is unimaginable,” said Mark Pearson, deputy chairman of the New South Wales Parliamentary Inquiry into Kangaroo Health and Wellbeing. “The outrage this incident has sparked proves that the community rejects animal cruelty and seeks justice for the innocent animals who have suffered so much.”

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Kangaroos, although generally docile, can be quite aggressive. Videos are captured Species boxing with each other. The New South Wales killings are not the first of their kind. In 2019, a 19-year-old man was accused of killing 20 kangaroos in the state Guardian. Last year, wildfires killed or displaced 3 million animals in Australia, according to the World Wide Fund for Nature.

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