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Due to the record Covid-19 case count and overcrowded intensive care units, Austria is hoping to declare a nationwide lockdown Among unvaccinated people, in what would be the biggest restrictions any country has ever put on people who have chosen not to take the jab.

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A lockdown is “probably inevitable”, Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schellenberg said in a statement on Thursday.

This would follow an incremental government plan established in September that said a lockdown should be imposed on unvaccinated Austrians when 30% of ICU beds are occupied by Covid-19 patients.

current level is 20% And growing rapidly, according to Reuters.

Unless they’re going to work, shopping (for essentials) [or] Spreading his legs,” said Schellenberg.

Upper AustriaThe country’s third-largest state, without vaccination, will begin a lockdown on Monday provided it receives legal confirmation from the federal government, Governor Thomas Stelzer said in a statement.

Austria Ministry of Health As of Thursday, 65% of its population is said to have been vaccinated, according to Reuters, the second lowest figure in Western Europe after the small country of Liechtenstein.

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