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Steve Bannon has hired David Schoen, one of former President Donald Trump’s lawyers, to defend in court in his second impeachment trial, records show, as the ex-Trump adviser was taken into federal custody on Monday , which was charged with contempt of Congress after refusing. To comply with a summons from the January 6 Committee of the House.

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Bannon surrendered to the FBI on Monday morning before a court appearance expected Monday afternoon.

Attorney David Schoen notified The federal district court said early Monday that it is now representing Bannon.

The Alabama-based attorney previously defended Trump when he was impeached for his alleged role in the January 6 riots, Discussion The allegations against the president by Democrats during the impeachment trial were “an unjust and clearly unconstitutional act of political vendetta”.

Shoes. Was convicted in the case – with Trump later changing his sentence.

the lawyer also said He had met alleged sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein in prison “a few days before” his death, and he told news outlets that he did not believe the disgraced financier died by suicide because Epstein asked Schoen to lead his defense. was asked for.

ShoAnn has not yet responded to a request for comment.


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