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Amid a border crisis that has left thousands of migrants stranded between Belarus and Poland, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said The BBC may have helped migrants in the European Union on Friday, although it denies inviting them to Belarus, provoking a crisis as retaliation for the sanctions imposed on their country.

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Lukashenko said “maybe someone helped” the migrants to the border, though he said he declined to see the claim.

He said he told the EU it would not detain migrants at the border because “they are not coming to my country, they are going to you.”

At least 2,000 migrants, mostly from the Middle East, are stranded at the border between the two countries, some forced to stay outside in harsh conditions before being taken to a logistics warehouse nearby.

Me Guilty Belarus to lure migrants to Polish border in retaliation sanctions He placed on the country.

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