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A police investigation has begun in Berlin after several employees of the US Embassy in Berlin experienced symptoms of the mysterious Havana syndrome, which has plagued US embassies around the world for years, and some officials are believed to be from Russian are tied. intelligence services.

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Police said that on Friday they are investigating several cases of one.alleged sonic weapon attackAccording to Reuters, the attack on the staff of the US embassy in Berlin.

He said the investigation was first opened in August, but did not offer further details.

At least two US officers are stationed in Germany underwent medical treatment After coming down with the symptoms of Havana syndrome, wall street journal Reported in August.

There was an investigation into Havana syndrome cases affecting US embassy staff in Berlin. previously reported Friday by German newspaper Mirror.


Here are all the places where possible cases of Havana syndrome have been reported:

Havana, Cuba.

guangzhou, China.

Washington DC.

Moscow, Russia.

Hanoi, Vietnam.


Australia. Taiwan.

Tbilisi, Georgia.

Vienna, Austria.

Berlin, Germany.

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Experts are still unsure what causes the symptoms, but believe it may be due to pulsed radio frequency energy. People experiencing Havana syndrome have reported hearing grating sounds. Some victims have had long-term health effects, such as hearing loss and damage to brain tissue. On Friday, President Joe Biden signed into law a bill that would provide additional government support For diplomats and government officials affected by Havana syndrome. In July, the CIA hanged a top official who played a key role in finding Osama bin Laden. syndrome screening And what is the reason for this.

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Havana syndrome, marked by headache, nausea, hearing and memory loss, has affected nearly 200 American officers and their family members worldwide. The strange set of symptoms got its name when it first emerged in 2016 and affected American and Canadian diplomatic personnel stationed in Havana, Cuba. Since then, the syndrome has been reported throughout the world in China, Russia, Poland, Georgia and Taiwan, and more recently among US embassy staff. Vienna. In August, Vice President Kamala Harris’ visit to Vietnam was delayed as at least two Hanoi embassy staff were fired over reports of fears of Havana syndrome. US officials have blamed Russian intelligence for the alleged attacks, but Russia denies any involvement. Alexander Bikantov of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s press department called the allegations a fake story.Russophobic Propaganda Machine,” According to wall street journal.

Berlin police investigating cases of ‘Havana syndrome’ at US embassy (Reuters)

The Berlin State Criminal Police Office is investigating Havana Syndrome. (Mirror)

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