Best Gun Store Pos Software for 2023 –

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Choosing the best gun store POS software for your business presents a challenge unique to your industry.

Not only do you need all the features and benefits of a regular retail POS system, such as inventory management and multiple payment options, but you also get the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), which includes background checks, 4473 Includes ability to manage forms and track transfers of firearms.

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Nevertheless, there are many good options on the market that tick all those boxes and then some, so how do you decide which software to invest in?

In this guide, we recommend our top five ATF-compliant point-of-sale solutions for gun shops, shooting ranges, and other firearms-based businesses.

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Top 4 Best Gun Store POS Solutions 1. Rapid Gun Systems

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best gun store pos system software

Enjoying an enviable reputation as one of the best gun store POS systems around, Rapid Gun Systems has earned rave reviews for its effortless usability and intuitive dashboard, which provides every feature possible in an ATF-compliant POS platform. Can do.

Integration with most payment gateways, consignments, FFL transfers and E4473 management can all be handled electronically.

The platform also offers an electronically bound book, in which new acquisitions and dispositions are automatically created for each purchase, reducing the time and hassle of manually updating your book and eliminating the risk of human errors. does cause you problems.

If your store offers gunsmithing, you’ll be pleased to note the automated intake tool that automates the entire process of generating work orders, estimates for repairs, and more, dramatically reducing your admin tasks Reduce costs, giving you more time Focus on providing excellent service for your customers.

The gun range management features are also excellent here, offering an easy-to-use interface through which you can do everything from submitting fees and assigning lanes to booking any range maintenance issues, in which you are required to participate.

All of this, of course, is complemented with all the retail features you’ll need to manage both physical and online transactions, including omnichannel inventory management with real-time updates, third-party accounting tools such as QuickBooks, Includes integration with customer loyalty programs, . and in-depth sales reports.

Combine all this with a handy mobile point-of-sale device to make life easier at gun shows and other events, and there is no doubt that Rapid Gun Systems has everything any FFL business could ever need. may be required.

2. Ammoredi

Best for: Online integration with real-world sales

Through American Made, AmmoReady is a comprehensive commerce solution for gun store owners.

The platform is designed with eCommerce businesses in mind, making it a great option if you sell your goods via the web.

However, thanks to seamless integration with other POS systems featured in this guide, such as Rapid Gun Systems and Orchid POS, you can also use it to offer in-store and curbside pickup.

Inventory can be automatically synced across multiple physical and digital channels with real-time updates to prevent duplicate sales and out-of-stock frustrations.

Elsewhere, the platform allows you to take credit card payments through a variety of reputable, gun-friendly merchant account processors such as Fortis and Tactile Payments.

3. Bravo Store System

Best for achieving maximum ATF compliance

As a gun store owner, nothing matters more to you than ensuring optimal security and staying in the ATF’s good books, all of which can be a daunting endeavor in itself.

That’s where the Bravo Store System comes into its own, helping you maintain maximum ATF compliance with minimal fuss or hassle.

The user-friendly ATF Portal / gives you everything you need to manage Form E4473 for new transactions and store them electronically with easy-to-use tools to audit and trace them.

In addition, you can use the platform to improve efficiency when conducting background checks and even manage your firearms acquisition and disposal (A&D) records.

All of this on top of standard point-of-sale features for eCommerce and brick-and-mortar sales, including invoicing, inventory tracking, and more.

4. Orchid

Best for improving sales and customer service

Orchid is a comprehensive cloud-based POS solution that offers a host of features at an affordable price.

Compliance features include A&D book search, 4473 management, serial number tracking and access to FFL support.

There’s also a wealth of retail options, including tools for managing and tracking rentals, setting prices, employee management, and more.

However, in spite of all this, one thing we like the most about Orchid is that it is one of the best tools to increase sales and revenue.

If your business is humming along but achieving real growth is your biggest challenge right now, you’ll love features like a loyalty scheme and rewards program, the ability to track and manage trade-ins, and a customer contact database. which you can integrate. A range of eCommerce and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools such as Constant Contact to help you improve your marketing efforts.

How Much Does a Gun Store Point-of-Sale System Cost?

One downside to considering Top Gun Store point-of-sale options is that most offer custom pricing based on your specific needs.

Of all the options listed above, only Orchid offers transparent, upfront pricing, with plans starting at $175 per month. For others, you will need to contact the software provider to book a demo and get a tailored quote.

Admittedly, this makes it difficult to compare like-for-like on cost without dealing with sales staff, however, on the upside, it does mean that you get the satisfaction of testing the product thoroughly before making a financial commitment, plus Ensuring that you are getting a service that is perfectly tailored to your business goals.

Which is the best gun store POS software to buy in 2023?

From tracking inventory across both physical retail outlets and eCommerce platforms to credit card merchant services processing with minimal fees, boosting your marketing efforts with customer profiles and loyalty programs, and much more, Point of Sale Each one of the systems we’ve looked at above gives you all the capabilities you need to manage a successful gun store.

So, that being said which one should you really be buying?

Ultimately it all depends on the biggest challenge you want to overcome.

If you’re doing well but struggling to grow, the range of marketing, sales and customer loyalty features provided by Orchid’s gun shop software may be exactly what your business needs.

If you find that maintaining full compliance with gun law regulations is taking up too much of your time and energy, we recommend exploring Bravo Store System, a top cloud-based solution that not only provides multiple mandatory compliance Automates tasks but also provides valuable auditing and tracing. The features make it easy to track a customer’s purchase history and get the necessary information about each transaction.

However, if you are really looking for a platform that does it all, then look no further than Rapid Gun Systems. Combining remarkable ease of use with the widest array of features for online and physical retail, shooting range management, gunsmithing, and more, it truly is the total package.

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