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Italy is one of the culturally richest and most beautiful countries in the world. According to recent statistics, Italian ranks fourth among the most learned languages ​​in the world. Thus, if you are someone who wants to broaden your career opportunities, here are some of the top schools that offer an unforgettable learning experience.

Il Sasso, Montepulciano
The program has been churning out Italian speakers for over 35 years. The school is situated in the heart of the wine country Tuscany and offers excellent facilities to students. Candidates who enroll in the course receive four hours of lessons per day, along with visits to local wineries and restaurants. In addition, II Saso also offers students history, business, music, art, and language lessons.

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Dante Alighieri Italian Linguistic Center, Rome
Known as one of the most prestigious schools in Rome, Centro Linguistico Italiano Dante Alighieri offers a wide range of courses for all types of students. The academy has distinguished faculty, well-equipped classrooms and a range of extra-curricular activities for the students to keep them busy during the duration of the course. With over 25 years of experience in this field, the learning center offers a combination of programs and lessons in Italian culture, setting it apart from its compatriots.

Terramare, Orbetello
Terramare is located in Orbetello and is often considered to be the highest rated program in the country. Despite its growing popularity, the school remains small and focuses on guiding students based on their specific needs. What makes the Academy special is its renowned cultural program that takes students into the real Italian world at least three times a week. Furthermore, the city is not far from Rome, which helps students enjoy city life.

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Studio Italia, Rome
Studio Italia is based in one of the most spectacular places in the world, Rome. The School of Education offers a wide variety of courses that will improve your Italian speaking skills. From intensive courses to one-on-one sessions, Studio Italia has carefully designed programs that are suitable for everyone. The academy also offers evening classes which are perfect for professionals.

Dilit International House, Rome
Dilit International House is another leading school in Italy that promotes interactive learning sessions. One of the major USPs of the learning center is its infrastructure which provides great space for the students to relax. Furthermore, the academy has a diverse and welcoming learning environment which helps the candidates to concentrate better. The institute also provides free flat assistance for long term learners, which is a great initiative by the school.

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EF International Language Center, Rome
EF International Language Center is located close to cafes, restaurants and public transport, making it perfect for those who want to explore the city. Established in 1965, it is one of the oldest institutions in Rome that offers a variety of courses for all levels of students. The academy provides the best learning facilities to the learners. It has some great features to help students reach their language goals easily. Apart from this, the school also has computer labs, multimedia rooms, a student lounge and a library to keep the students engaged.

Hello Italy, Rome
Ciao Italia is an ideal learning center for students who want to learn about Italian culture. Located in the historic center of Rome, the Academy offers students a wide variety of social and cultural activities. Furthermore, the institute’s staff is friendly and ensure that the students have a great experience in the city. Therefore, if you want to enhance your language skills while exploring the historical sites around Rome, Ciao Italia is the perfect choice for you.


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